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After the episode, last night Emmerdale released a preview of tonight's episode and Robert isn't very happy with Joe and Graham - clearly ready to scheme against them once again! But as I said last night I am sure it was just a verbal agreement! (At last I hope)

Friday's episode was written by Sharon Marshall and directed by Mickey Jones.

Copyright ITV

The first scene of the episode with them was when they were in the village road where Robert and Aaron are with Seb and Cain sees them. Aaron is anxious and worried about Liv returning and where she will live. I feel for Aaron in this but I also feel for Robert cos he loves Aaron too much!
Cain: 'Syd's gone. The McFarlanes confirmed it. He's halfway across the Atlantic and a hundred grand richer. So, come on, how did you raise it?'
Aaron: 'Well, there's probably a removal van on the way to ours right now.'
Cain: 'You sold your flat?'
Aaron: 'And half the haulage firm. He fleeced you.'
Cain: 'Who did?'
Robert: 'Joe Tate. Aaron was gonna die, I'd have given him anything.'
Aaron: 'And how do I tell Liv she's got nowhere to come home to now? We're not doing it. Tell him no.'
Robert: 'It's a hundred grand. You think he's going to let it go this time? And besides, we shook on it.'
Cain: 'Yeah, cos Tate's a man of his word. Look how he treated Debbie and the kids - out on the streets.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, exactly, and he's not doing that to Liv.'
Robert: 'We have no choice, right? I've crossed him once, and he'll wreck our lives if I try and do it again.'

The next scene was at The Scrapyard where Robert and Aaron were also joined by Jimmy and Tom where Tom was determined to get what he was promised by Robert with the signing of what was verbally agreed in last night's episode for the safety of Aaron (but will Robert sign it? of course he won't and we know this from the start!)
Joe: 'Are you still in one piece, Aaron? (Aaron and Robert walk over to Joe) Oh, and you bought the baby along. Here to witness the crumbling of a family empire. A Kodak moment.'
Robert: 'Just give us the paperwork.'
Jimmy: 'I'm missing Ashley's memorial. What's so urgent?'
Joe: 'My solicitors had these drawn up. (waves papers and walks down to Robert) They're watertight. Just sign them.'
Jimmy: 'Sign what?'
Joe: 'What I was promised. Long story short, Jimmy: I always win.'
Robert: 'Look, I'm sorry, Jimmy. I had no choice.'
Jimmy: 'About what?'
Joe: 'Aren't you going to welcome your new business partner.'

A few moments later back at The Scrapyard, Jimmy is fuming with Robert and Robert is reading it thoroughly where Robert tears up the contract Joe gave him (I can't say I am surprised!)
Aaron looking so smug once Robert tore the contract up. Robert's facial expression was a picture and no way was he ever gonna sign anything, let's be honest!
Please can Joe already just leave Robert and Aaron alone... I am bored of you already!
Jimmy: 'You can't sign that. It's robbery.'
Joe: 'Panic-call your wife all you want, Jimmy. Nothing's changing.'
Gerry: 'What's up?'
Jimmy: 'Why would you hand over everything you've worked for?'
Robert: 'I've no choice.' (Robert reading the contract)
Joe: 'Graham, if you could get the rest of his stuff. It all looks like junk. But we know how attached he gets to inanimate objects. My lawyers had a look at that little flat. The contract enables you to sign it over.'
Gerry: 'Hang on. For Liv's place?'
Joe: 'She'll have a roof over her head - in prison. (Aaron looks around) Doesn't it speak? You can just put an X if the name is too much.' (Robert tears the contract up)
Graham: 'Gentlemen, you made a deal.'
Robert: 'Prove it!' (Aaron looks rather smug)

The third scene was only a little one where Robert went to take Seb to Rebecca and Robert being honest and caring how cute after Rebecca questioned him.
Was anyone else confused when there was no more scenes featuring the contract that Robert had torn up?
Copyright ITV

In the final scene in The Woolpack, Aaron and Robert are having a drink with Cain and Moira where Nicola and Jimmy are there discussing the business. Jimmy is thrilled when Robert agrees and his ready to conquer everything in the business with Robert by his side.
Jimmy: 'So, just come back to work, Robert. Joe's a shareholder, but Jimmy's still the director. We've checked, and his contract says he can hire and fire who he wants'
Robert: 'And you want to hire me?'
Aaron: 'For less cash.'
Nicola: 'But it's still a sage. Babies aren't free. And I can't imagine solicitors for ketamine lacing come that cheap, either.'
Cain: 'That isn't about money - it's about getting one over on Joe.'
Nicola: 'Think about it. He comes in tomorrow, and you're still sat there, in your chair, fully employed. Nothing's changed, and there's not a thing he can do to stop it.'
Jimmy: 'Plus, I need you. Joe will push me out next. He'll take complete control if you're not there with me.'
Moira: 'And this is watertight?'
Jimmy: 'It's completely legal.'
(Aaron and Robert look at each other)
Robert: 'And a deal. (SIGHS) I'll see you tomorrow.'

After tonight's episode and Nicola and Jimmy's input - I can't wait to see them go up against Joe.

Special mentions
Without repeating myself, just a short note to say;
Ryan Hawley - You were just incredible in this week's episode. You play the protective Robert role so well.
Danny Miller - You smashed this week. I can't help but feel that you need an award for this week's episodes alone - you play the vulnerable side extremely well!


This week's episode have demonstrated how incredible Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley are - these two definitely deserve to win Best Partnership (Let's pray they are up!)


You can watch this week's scene here in a playlist I made.

Review by Kellie x


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