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Wednesday's episode was written by Peter Kerry and directed by Jeff Naylor.

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The first time in the episode we saw Aaron and Robert was on they were in The Woolpack having a drink where they are also chatting where Chas then walks through to the bar after Paddy tells Aaron about Sandra blaming them for what's happened to Liv. Aaron blaming himself. I don't like seeing you doing this! How about you Sandra, you should have been here supporting Liv at her court case. Robert touching Aaron's back made me smile! Thank god Robert is being so supportive towards his husband with him being so determined for Aaron not to be blaming himself. Robert I love it when you talk the truth.
Chas: 'I could swing for her!'
Paddy: 'Don't let it get to you. It's not good for you to be stressed.'
Aaron: 'Is there a problem?'
Chas: 'Nothing for you to worry about.'
Aaron: 'Well, it's obviously got you wound up.'
Chas: 'Doesn't matter, honestly. Subject changed.'
Aaron: 'Right, OK.'
Paddy: 'Sandra. Sorry, Sandra called.'
Chas: 'Paddy!'
Paddy: 'He's gonna find out anyway, isn't he? (Aaron walks to the bar) She's giving your mum earache about Liv. Apparently everything that's happened is Chas' fault.'
Chas: 'To be fair, she blames me and you, but I just happened to pick up.'
Aaron: 'Right, I'll have a word with her.'
Chas: 'No, no, don't bother. It'll make things worse.'
Aaron: 'I won't let her take it out on you.'
Robert: 'Hold your horses. (walks over to Aaron) Sandra's obviously kicking off cos she feels guilty. She's looking for someone to blame.'
Aaron: 'She can blame me. '
Robert: 'Excuse us a sec. (walks away with Aaron) What, so you can feel worse than you already do? How's that gonna help?'
Aaron: 'Like I said, it's my fault in it. If we'd signed over the flat like you promised him in the first place.'
Robert: 'Right, what happened, happened. It's done. There's no reason for you or Sandra or anyone to keep playing the blame game. We just need to get on with it - for Liv's sake, if no-one else's.'

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The second and finally time we saw Aaron and Robert were in The CafĂ© were they were talking where Aaron admitted that Robert was right and that he will stop blaming himself for what's happened to Liv. And Robert is very pleased that he's tough love attitude worked on his husband. The way Aaron said 'we've got more important things to be worrying about, like Liv... and this one (looks at Seb)' but that little smile at the end on Aaron's face was amazing to see. I love the Roblivion family set up!
Aaron: 'Bob?'
Bob: 'Sorry?'
Aaron: 'Those coffees you were getting five minutes ago.'
Bob: 'Sorry, I'm miles away.'
Aaron: 'Are you all right?'
Bob: 'Yeah, yeah, sure. Well, no... Look, doesn't matter. I'll bring 'em over.' (Aaron walks back over to Robert and Seb)
Robert: 'Listen, er, I was a bit hard on you earlier. I hope you didn't think I was taking Sandra's side. She's hardly mum of the year.'
Aaron: 'No, but you were right. It's time I stopped beating myself up about it.'
Robert: 'So we both agree, we couldn't have possibly known what Joe Tate was capable of?'
Aaron: 'For now, yeah. Cos we've got more important things to be worrying about, haven't we? Like Liv and this one.'
Robert: 'Glad to know that my tough love attitude seems to have worked.'

Thursday's 7pm episode was written by Andrew Kirk and directed by Jeff Naylor.
Ahead of the episode, Emmerdale previewed a clip showing Aaron and Robert with Chas talking about showing Liv their support.

The first scene of the episode with them was outside The Woolpack where Aaron and Robert were talking with Chas about getting Liv a new solicitor about Liv and I get what Chas is saying about it being harsh - I agree, how can Gabby get community service and Liv is behind bars. Robron look rather beautiful tonight.But I do love that Robert is determined that they support Liv and that she knows it! I love this caring side to Robert! Fingers crossed Liv is out in 2 months time just in time for their wedding! Robron look rather beautiful tonight.
Aaron: 'Well we talked to a new brief and they're pretty confident we can get Liv out on licence in two months.'
Chas: 'Just doesn't seem right. I know Liv didn't do herself any favours in court, but how can Gabby getting community service be fair? '
Robert: 'It's not. But while we're waiting, we need to support Liv. She needs to know we're doing everything we can.' (Aaron nods and they enter The Woolpack)

The second and last time we saw Aaron and Robert was they were in The Woolpack talking about being off to visit her. Aaron is so nervous and it is showing especially with Robert pointing it out to Chas that he's nervous it bought a tear to my eye, he misses his little sis so much. Chas talking to Robert that she's happy Aaron having Robert made my heart is very happy. Robert is great for Aaron - thank god you noticed, Chas.
Chas: 'All set? Give Liv my love, won't you? And tell her I'll visit soon. (Chas flashes her hand) Let her see this nugget in all its glory.'
Aaron: 'Any excuse, eh?'
Chas: 'What? I'm excited! Tell her she can be bridesmaid... and all. She can pick out her own dress, big peach meringue.'
Robert: 'She'll love that. (looks at Aaron) Really give her something to look forward too(!)'
Chas: 'Hey, careful. Just because I'm deliriously happy, does not mean I'm not dangerous.'
Aaron: 'Right, I'll be back in a sec, then we'll get going, yeah?'
Robert: (pints to Aaron) 'He's nervous.'
Chas: 'I know. Erm.. I never thought I'd say this, but... erm, I'm glad he's got you looking out for him.'

Thursday's 8pm episode was written by Andrew Kirk and directed by Jeff Naylor.

Copyright ITV
The first scene of the episode wit Aaron and Robert were at the prison where the security searched them before they were allowed in. Aaron's looking forward to seeing Liv even though Robert and Aaron look worried about seeing Liv with Aaron knowing what she'd be coming through. I love the Robron banter aha! Aaron looks so scared for Liv, he's facial expression said it all.
Aaron: 'Did Liv get that photo album we sent over this morning?'
Security lady: 'Do you know how many inmates we've got?
Robert: 'Come on. Let's stop stressing and find a seat. You know how these things work.'
Aaron: (walking to find a seat) 'Just hate it, that's all. Brings back so many bad memories.'
Robert: (finds a table and seats down) 'For you and me both, but at least we can go home after this, down a beer and start a box set. I'm thinking er... Prison Break again.'
Aaron: 'You're sick, you. You know that?'
Robert: (chuckles) 'You love it.' (inmates said to enter but no Liv)
Aaron: (looking for Liv) 'So where is she?'
Robert: 'They probably letting 'em through in stages. Stop worrying.' (Aaron looks concerned)

The second time we saw Aaron and Robert was back in the prison when Aaron was distressed about Liv being late and Aaron giving the guard a little shout was quiet funny. Aaron's super thrilled finally see Liv. I really hope Liv opens up about what is happening and not do what Aaron did last year and shut everyone out. Robron knowing Liv got the photo album they made was just beautiful!
Aaron: (to a security lady) 'If something's happened to my sister, I wanna know.'
Prison lady: 'She's delayed. That's all, please sit down and wait.'
Aaron: 'Delayed how? Where is she?'
Robert: 'Aaron! Aaron...' (Robert points to Liv)
Aaron: '(Liv walks in with the photo album) 'It's about time! Where've you been? I've been worried.'
Liv: 'Had to finish my class room. (Liv enters and sits down) This place is worse than school.'
Aaron: (Aaron sits down) 'Well, I guess that's the idea.'
Robert: 'You're here now. That's all that matters, right? See you got the album.'
Liv: 'Yeah. It's great. Thanks.'
Aaron: 'You look shattered.'
Liv: 'Nice to see you too (!)'
Robert: 'Why don't I go get something from the vending machine, leave you two to talk.'

The third time we saw Aaron and Robert was when he was talking to Liv where she is eating chocolate. Liv and Aaron banter is fabulous to watch. I love how well Isobel, Danny and Ryan work together. Hate how distant Liv seems but also like that funny is being funny with Aaron. Robert wanting to look through the photo album together. I love seeing this family side of Robert.
Robert: 'Food that good, is it?'
Aaron: 'You get used to it, eventually.'
Liv: 'You my prison guide now? "Aaron's Top 10 tips for keeping it together inside" First one get hooked on spice (!)'
Aaron: 'No, you're just my sister. I'm trying to look out for you that's all.'
Liv: 'Nice one, big help (!)'
Robert: 'We're not got long left, so let's not spend it tearing chunks out of each other.'
Liv: 'I'm joking. Been looking forward to it. It's been the only thing keeping me going in here.'
Aaron: 'Yeah? Well go on, then, Fill your boots, if you're up for it.' (eats her chocolate bar)
Robert: 'Or we could look through this. It might be a lot less dangerous.'
Liv: 'When did he get so boring.' (Aaron laughs and Robert opens the photo album)

The next time we saw Aaron and Robert was when he was talking to Liv and after seeing the happy photo of Chas and Paddy with the engagement ring. Liv smiling is just everything! Liv then talking about Tash where she's lying, please Liv just tell Aaron the truth - he wants to protect you and help you through the hard times! Liv's still furious about the solicitor letting her down, I can't say I blame her - he's the reason she's where she is!
(looking at a photo in the photo album of Chas and Paddy) Aaron: 'She couldn't help herself. Had to sneak one of her and Paddy in there!'
Robert: 'No, I reckon she's taken that especially everything to show off that rock on her finger.'
Liv: 'Yeah, well, she deserves it. I'm happy for them both, mainly because I don't get to see them all loved up.'
Aaron: 'Trust me, should come with their own personal sick bucket, them two! Bit of good news for you, though; she wants you to be a bridesmaid when you get out.'
Liv: 'Makes sharing a cell with Tash seem not so bad any more (!)' (Liv looks so down beat after mentioning Tash)
Aaron: 'Who's Tash? Is that your cell mate? (Liv nods) What is she like?'
Liv: 'Annoying.'
Robert: 'Hopefully, it won't be for much longer, cos we've talked to a new solicitor earlier.'
Aaron: 'We're not able to appeal but, if you keep your head down, you could be out in a couple of months.'
Robert: 'Serve the rest of your sentence on licence.'
Aaron: 'And, I know it's not fair but.. that's all we can hope for. I'm sorry.' (Aaron looks sad telling Liv this)
Liv: 'It's not your fault. If my solicitor hadn't been such an idiot, might've had a chance. What was wrong with him?'
Aaron: 'You shouldn't have been there in the first place, if Lisa hadn't.'
Liv: 'Have you seen her? Is she all right?'

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The fifth and final time which we saw Aaron and Robert were talking to Liv with Aaron telling Liv to put her head down and that with a routine she'll get through her time in prison. Aaron telling Liv that he loves her was exactly what she needed to hear. Aaron loved hugging he's sister and she loved hugging him and that was obvious. Can't believe how sad they all look leaving each other. Isobel is breaking me with this storyline, I can't handle this!
Aaron: 'She had another angina attack and, I guess, that was the final straw. She couldn't face what she'd done.'
Robert: 'If she could have changed things, she would.'
Liv: 'Yeah, she's not the only one. Bit late now, though, innit?'
Aaron: 'Then this is your chance, Liv. So, get your head down, get yourself into a proper routine and the time will pass you'll see.'
Robert: 'Aaron's right. It's not like you're going any where, are you?'
Liv: 'Ah, thanks for that.'
Robert: 'And you've got your exams to worry about.'
Liv: 'Oh, double whammy (!)
Aaron: 'He's right. And all it takes is a bit of work. If you put your mind to it, you can do it.' (bell rings - Liv looks so worried about going bad)
(Robert and Aaron get up followed by Liv) Aaron: 'I'll help you as much as I can, all right? You will get through this, I promise you. Come 'ere. I love you. (Aaron hugs Liv) ..and don't ever forget that.'
Robert: 'Head down remember?' (Liv heads back, nearly in tears)

Friday's episode was written by Kirsty Halton and directed by Jeff Naylor.

The first scene of the episode with Liv was when she was in her prison bed when Liv was in her bed when Tash entered telling her she wasn't well clearly looking to cause trouble for Liv. Then with Tash trying to look through her photo album. Liv is such a broken person who's obviously struggling without her alcohol.
(Open doors to Liv's cell, Tash enters) Tash: 'Oh. You keep me awake all night trashing around then you can't be bothered to get your backside put of bed.  (Tash goes over to Liv in her bed) Are you listening... alky?'
Liv: 'Don't call me that.'
Tash: 'I knew you were awake. (Liv moves) We've got five minutes to get to class and you stink. So don't sit next to me.'
Liv: 'I don't feel well.'
Tash: 'Should have got your brother to sneak in some vodka. (Liv closes her eyes) When I was going out.'
Liv: 'If this is another fairy tale, I'm not interested.'
(Tash looks at Liv's photo album) Tash: 'This all he bought in for you?' (opens the photo album)
Liv: 'Get off that, it's mine.' (Liv jumps out of bed)
Tash: 'Touchy. (Liv sits on at the side of her bed) Have fun... doing nothing. (Tash leaves but turns back around) Goes a lot quicker in here when you stop feeling sorry for yourself.' (Liv looks so downbeat)

The second and final time, we saw Liv was when she was in her cell in bed where her tutor comes to see her, Liv is honest. Liv is putting herself down but the tutor sees right through her lies and he seems such a fun and likable teacher but he has a motive and that I am sure of! And I don't understand why he was allowed her in room too, far too worried.
Why did I sense that something is going to happen between Liv and her male teacher!!

(Liv's prison male teacher enters her cell where he walks in with her maths paper when Liv is sit in her bed) Liv: 'I don't need a lecture. I'm not well.'
Teacher: (bends down to Liv) 'If you keep missing class, you're gonna make me look bad. I know you're struggling and that's understandable. But you've still got your exams.'
Liv: 'What's the point? I'm gonna fail anyway.'
Teacher: 'How many times have I heard that. But you've got an opportunity here to really concentrate on your studies.'
Liv: 'Oh, lucky me (!)'
Teacher: 'You've just got to think of this place as one of them posh private boarding schools which people pay a fortune to go to. It's not that different here. If anything, our classes are smaller.'
Liv: 'The kids there aren't thick, though.'
Teacher: 'They're rich, yeah. But they doesn't make them any cleverer than you. (hands Liv the paper) I dare you.' (Then he leaves)

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