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Monday's episode was written by Samantha Doland De-Vaux and directed by Ian Barber.

I am feeling very anxious ahead of this episode because deep down I know Liv will be sent to prison not that that's the outcome I wanted but it is a soap after all! But that doesn't help me when I wanted Liv to get community service.

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The first scene of the episode with Robert, Aaron and Liv was when Liv was walking down the stairs ahead of her day in court looking so scared and anxious about everything that is ahead of her, I feel sick. Robert then goes to look the door and its Zak who enters asking if Lisa can come where Lisa then says to Liv she'll do the best she can for her today in court. Isn't it too late for that though, Lisa? The damage has already been done!! Aaron looking so scared for his little sister and looking at his phone would describe this. Thank god Liv has someone like Gerry. You've gotta love the Gerry and Robert's banter for sure. Aaron's phone then rings and it's Louise having been the orginial solicitor who can't attend and telling them that Liv will have another one. Robert's furious about this change at the very last minute. Will they have read the notes on Liv's trial? Will this set Liv back?
The fact that Aaron and Robert are wearing their wedding colour suits my heart is happy! Wedding feel vibes are back!!
(Buzzer goes and Liv comes back to the stairs, Robert goes to the door)
Gerry: 'Pop tart?'
Liv: 'Yeah, why not?'
(Robert opens the door and Zak is there) Robert: 'Hi.'
Zak: 'Are you all right, lad?'
Aaron: 'Yeah.'
Zak: 'Oh, er is it OK if Lisa comes in?'
Aaron: 'Yeah. Yeah.' (Aaron looks at his phone)
Lisa: 'I promise to do my very best by you today, lovely.'
Liv: 'Thanks, Lise.'
Zak: 'Plus you've got that hotshot lady lawyer in your corner an' all.'
Robert: 'Not sure she's worth the extra cash.' (Phone rings)
Gerry: 'If I'd had a top solicitor, I'd have never met Lachlan and I wouldn't be here today.'
Robert: 'What an unimaginable loss in our lives that would have been (!)'
Aaron: 'Oh, great. That's just brilliant.'
Liv: 'What's up?'
Aaron: 'Louise has been reassigned to another case.'
Robert: 'Why? I paid them ages ago. What now we haven't got a solicitor?'
Aaron: 'No, of course we have. They're sending a senior partner.'
Lisa: 'Oh, that's good news. You've got the top bloke.'

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The second time we saw Liv and Aaron was when they were in the court, Robert is also there supporting Liv. I always wanted to see this but I never expected it, if I am honest! But I was glad that they finally showed that Liv is more than just an inconvenience to Robert like she's always thought because he actually wanted to be there supporting her in her time of need. When Aaron then introduced the judge to Robert he said "this is my partner, Robert" my heart melted. YES, I was thrilled with this! The judge is very weird, I am not liking him. Aaron is so anxious for Liv. Liv and Gabby are then called to the court room. Liv is looking very worried especially when she is told Lisa can't speak up for her.
Robert: 'Is that him?'
Aaron: 'Don't know, it might be. You here for Liv Flaherty?'
Solicitor: 'Rupert Jonas.'
Aaron: 'Right, well, um, this is Liv, I'm her brother Aaron Dingle, and this is my partner, Robert Sugden. What happened with Louise then?'
Solicitor: 'Don't worry, she bought me up to speed. Hopefully, we get this over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. '
Lisa: 'I'm Lisa Dingle. Pleased to meet you.'
Robert: 'She's the victim, but she's speaking on behalf of Liv.'
Solicitor: 'Oh, no. I don't think so.'
Robert: 'Well, Louise thought it was a good idea.'
Solicitor: 'It's very irregular. She could do more harm than good. I won't allow it. (Liv and Aaron look worried) No, trust me. I've been doing this for over 30 years. The less said, the better. (looks at Liv) Just keep quiet and er... (sniffs) look sorry.'
Judge: 'Gabrielle Thomas and Olivia Flaherty.' (All head into court)

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The third time that we saw Liv and Aaron was when they were in the court room listening to Gabby's side (which I haven't added cos it annoyed me). Aaron and Liv are super worried about what her solicitor had to say and he's clearly not very interested in Liv's case at all being on his phone and the main judge is having to help them out. Liv's thrown when Gordon is name is mentioned to be honest if I was Liv I would have don't exactly the same. With Liv then freezing, I can't say I am surprised she's being so honest with her feelings. 
Judge: 'Mr. Jonas?'
Aaron: (lawyer still playing with his phone so he nudges his chair) 'Oi! Come on!'
Rupert: 'Oh, er, my apologies, ma'am. Er, my client, er... Claudia is clearly remorseful, too. Er, and although she didn't go to the police of her own accord, er, she was at least co-operative following her arrest. In fact, Miss um... Miss er...'
Judge: 'Flaherty.'
Rupert: 'Er, obliged, ma'am. Um, Miss er... Flaherty has um... Yeah, has also suffered several personal tragedies.'
Liv: 'What's he on about?'
Rupert: 'Ssh! Yes, er, here it is. Um... Her father, um, committed suicide in prison after being convicted as a... paedophile.'
Liv: 'No, I told them I don't want that scumbag brought in to this. It's not fair on you. It's nothing to do with this. He doesn't even know my name.'
Judge: 'Miss Flaherty, sit down and be quiet, please.'
Aaron: 'Liv, sit down. I'm sorry. She's just a bit upset.'
Rupert: 'Apologies, ma'am. This is all in the PSR. Now, to conclude, I mean, I'd just like to say this was a childish prank... that sadly went wrong.'
Judge: 'Indeed. That prank nearly killed Mrs Dingle.'

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The fourth time we saw Liv and Aaron was when they were in back in the court case after being given her sentence after Gabby was given community service. With the judge later handing Liv, a 4 month youth detention order and training but by Liv's face when she was being sent down was heart-breaking to watch. Aaron was beyond distraught and it showed! After all, he does know what it feels like and what prison can do to you! I am so angry about this because if Gabby and Liv did it together then surely that should of had the same punishment. Aaron then shouting after the verdict, would have been me.
Judge: 'Miss Flaherty, I have taken into account the difficult time you must've had following the death of your father in prison. However, your actions could have cost Mrs Dingle her life. I've seen little, if any, remorse and I fear for your future if you do not learn from this. I'm therefore sentencing you to four months detention and training order.'
Aaron: 'What? You can't do that!'
Judge: 'In the hope that you will benefit from some time of focused reflection on your actions. Thank you, officers.'
Aaron: 'You let her off and she's the one who caused all this!'
Judge: 'Order! I'm sure you would not wish to join your sister in the cells.'
Gabby: 'Liv, I'm so sorry.'
Aaron: 'Liv, look at me, look at me. I'm gonna sort this out, all right? I promise you.'

The next time was when we saw Aaron he was telling his family back outside the court room telling Robert, Lisa and Zak the outcome after Liv's sentencing. Aaron's heart is breaking for his little sister and I can't say I am surprised! He's been holding everything together for her sake and his finally showing how he feels! But with having Robert being there for him is everything! The solicitors reaction that got me...
Aaron: 'Unbelievable! Gabby got community service.'
Robert: 'And Liv?'
Lisa: 'How long?'
Rupert: 'Four months.'
Zak: 'Poor lass!'
Rupert: 'It was always a possibility, I'm afraid.'
Lisa: 'A fat lot of good you were. You should've let me go in there and say my piece!'
Rupert: 'I doubt it would've made much difference.'
Aaron: 'What are you talking about? We paid you to make a difference! It was your job to keep Liv out of prison! You hadn't read the case properly. You couldn't even remember her name. You just rocked up and phoned it in, didn't you? (Rupert starts leaving) You should be struck off. You're a lazy, arrogant waste of space!'
Lisa: 'Can't we complain?'
Robert: 'Yeah, we'll be appealing the sentencing.'
Aaron: 'With what, Robert? We're broke. (to Lisa) Liv trusted you. How could you do this to her?'
Lisa: 'I never wanted her to get put away.'
Aaron: 'What did you think was going to happen?'
Zak: 'Look, I get that you're upset, we all are, but Lisa has been ill.'
Aaron: (scoffs) 'Yeah, yeah, course. Let's not upset Lisa!'

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The next time, we saw Aaron was once again when he was back outside the court where he was telling Lisa very honestly that if it wasn't for her that Liv wouldn't have been in court in the first case, which is very true. Aaron ranting was wonderful to see and I love that he is finally letting people see his real emotions!
Few moments later, Aaron is seen having a go at Gabby after Bernice's words. Love that Robert is there supporting Aaron and being there for him. Robert speaking the truth to Aaron!
I am struggling to understand how both Aaron and Liv with survive 4 months without each other.
Robert: 'Senior partner? She'd have been better off defending herself.'
Aaron: 'She was doing fine, she was holding it together, but he mentioned Gordon and she flipped.'
Robert: 'What did he do that for? You know, if we'd had Louise...'
Lisa: 'He's let us down so badly.'
Aaron: 'Where do you get off blaming it all on him? Liv wouldn't have been in court if it wasn't for you. This is down to you. This is all on you.'
Zak: 'I'll bring the van round.' (leaves)
Laurel: 'Bernice text me. I'm so sorry. (goes over to them) Are you okay?'
Daz: 'Yeah, yeah. It could've been so much worse.'
Bernice: 'Yeah, we're still faced with the humiliation of seeing you paraded around in a high-vus vest, litter picking. I don't know how I'm gonna hold my head up.'
Aaron: 'You're unreal. This is gonna kill Liv and all you care about is saving face?'
Daz: 'Hey!'
Aaron: 'What?'
Gabby: 'Look, Aaron, I'm so sorry.'
Aaron: 'How can they lock Liv up and not you?'
Laurel: 'Right, let's get you home.'
Aaron: 'That's right, you all go home, cos Liv can't, can she? So I hope you're all happy.'
Robert: 'Just look at me, right? Calm down, all right? Cos if you don't, you're gonna end up joining her and that's the last thing she needs right now.'

The second from last scene of the episode was when Robert and Aaron were walking back to The Mill when they bump into Gerry where he told him about Liv. I just wonder how Gerry will cope without Liv. Aaron was then seen having a go at Joe which was truly amazing especially when we all knew it was down to him, Liv getting sent down!! Can Joe just do one please. Robert telling Aaron to stop blaming himself was hard to watch because that's just the sort of person Aaron is and will do! And it goes to show how distraught he was about losing his sister, I am just glad that Aaron has Robert looking out for him. I think if it wasn't for Robert, Aaron would have been joining Liv.
Love that we show protective Robert tonight because Aaron needed him!
Robert: 'You didn't let her down, it was out of your control.'
Aaron: 'My little sister is in a detention centre, how is that not my fault? I'm supposed to look after Liv and protect her from anyone and everything and I didn't, did I?'
Gerry: 'No way. They've not sent her down?'
Robert: 'Four months, youth offenders. Gabby got some community service thing.'
Joe: 'Oh, dear. You two really don't have much luck, do you?' (Aaron goes after him, Robert holds him back)
Robert: 'No. Aaron, Aaron!'
Joe: 'I'm still interested in buying your place if you need to fund an appeal.'
Robert: 'Just get in your car now and drive away. (Joe gets in the car) Stop blaming yourself.'
Joe: (in the car, on the phone) 'Louise, hi. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out today. It really was much appreciated.'
Aaron: 'This is all down to me.'

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In the final scene of the episode, Liv was placed in her cell to await for her transportation but my god how distraught did she look? Super lost and scared, I can't handle seeing her like this!
Was anyone else emotional about this scene?

My overall option: The judgement for Liv's trial was very harsh because you have to remember that it was Gabby who actually stole the ketamine yet she gets away with it which is so wrong!! If anything they should of both got the same sentence!! I now just hope Aaron discovers Joe’s involvement and kicks off!! I’m not ready of all these broken Liv scenes!

Special mentions

Isobel Steele - my god you were incredible tonight, you broke my heart! Your acting was outstanding like always and you really know how to deliver the emotional scenes. I knew over the next few months Liv was going to have a storyline but I never expected this, but I know you will SMASH it!
2018 will be the year, I feel you will be rewarded with an award and it can't come soon enough for me!
Danny Miller - you were just amazing tonight. You played the aftermath of this storyline so well and you were wonderful! Love how well you and Isobel work together.
Samantha - Thank you so much for an incredible episode, your script tonight was magical and I am very grateful that you wrote the episode.
You gave us the Joe and Aaron scene we wanted and all the fabulous Robron scenes!
There is something about Samantha’s dialog that I just love and tonight’s was wonderful!


You can watch all the scenes here.

Review by Kellie x