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Thursday's 7pm episode was written Linton Chiswick and directed by Ian Barber.
Ahead of Liv returning in Thursday's episode, Emmerdale released a preview clip where Liv returned with Aaron. Liv and Robert hugging moments after she walked through the door.

The first scene of the episode, was when Liv walked through the door with Aaron, I was very happy! And the moment Liv walked over to Robert for a hug, I was thrilled to see their interaction! Thank you Linton for giving us the moment after so long. Liv looks so happy to be back with her brother and Robert, her face lit up, it's a shame Aaron's isn't the same. Aaron looks very anxious and you can understand why, with what happened last week and the thought of Liv's prison ordeal that's to come. Robert wanting Aaron to open and be happy is the cutest! I love Robert's positivity.
Robert: 'There she is!'
Liv: 'Robert!'
Robert: 'Come here!' (they hug)
Liv: 'I missed you.'
Aaron: 'I thought you were at work.'
Robert: 'No way. Not without welcoming her home.'
Liv: 'I've got you both presents. Erm, I need to unpack first. A coffee would be nice. Mum's banned coffee from the house. She's on some weird health kick. She's made me drink so much juice my front teeth have nearly melted off. (walks up the stairs but keeps talking) I mean, she's really sorted herself out, which is good, I suppose. Not a drop of alcohol in the house.'
Robert: 'Happy?'
Aaron: 'Hm...'
Liv: (from upstairs) 'She even had me out running!'
Robert: 'If you get yourself in a state about Monday -'
Aaron: 'I'm not in a state.'
Robert: 'If you do, she'll pick up on it, and then she'll get herself in a state, too. Look, we've got a great lawyer. If she's this positive, then you should be too.'

The second time in this episode, we saw Liv and Aaron was when they were in the café where they sat down together and spoke about what had happened while she was ok obviously Aaron didn't tell her everything.
Then Gerry walks in with Doug and Gerry's happy to see Liv's back. Liv then gets up and goes to talk to Doug about telling Gabby that she is back to which Liv looks very about. Like the fact that Doug is willing to help them. As much as we know Liv loves Aaron, she is determined to get Aaron to go to work when Gerry suggests they place on the games control. I love how Aaron was a bit sarcastic in this scene and Aaron is burgundy was fab to see!
Liv: I swear, he was totally giving you the evils before.'
Aaron: Who? Rodney?'
Liv: 'No! You haven't been listening at all. Rich kid. Outside. Joe Tate. What have you done to him?'
Aaron: 'While you were away, me and Robert needed a bit of money.'
Liv: 'What for?'
Aaron: 'Just an investment in something. Anyway, Robert had to sell shares in the business, but he wanted the flat as well.'
Liv: 'Our flat?'
Aaron: 'He's not getting it. There's nowt he can do either.' (Doug and Gerry come in)
Liv: 'Gerry!' (gets up to hug him)
Doug: 'Hey up, look who's here! Welcome home.'
Liv: 'Thanks.'
Gerry: 'You got drinks? Erm, I'll have a 'lait macchiato', then please, Douglas.'
Doug: 'Right...' (goes to order)
Gerry: (points to Aaron's pin) 'Oh, very nice.'
Aaron: 'Little present from Liv.'
Liv: 'One sec. (gets up to go to Doug) Doug, can you do me a favour?'
Doug: 'I can try.'
Liv: 'Can you let Gabby know that I'm back? I would do it myself, but you know.'
Doug: 'Of course. I'll tell her.'
Liv: 'Thank you.' (goes to sit back down)
Aaron: 'What was that about?'
Liv: 'Honestly, go to work. I don't need monitoring.'
Gerry: 'Hey, I've got the afternoon off work if you fancy a bit of a VR binge?'
Aaron: 'Got yourself a VR set, have you?'
Liv: 'Give it a rest! Yeah, sounds like a plan.'
Gerry: 'Let's do it.'

The final time we saw Liv in this episode was when she was talking to Gerry whilst they were on the games control when Liv admits she is thinking about next week's trial. Gerry giving Liv advice, you have gotta love that he is supporting her in his own unique way. Liv's vulnerability is making me cry. Isobel is doing this storyline so well. Liv then getting a text from Gabby which leads her to disappearing off to go and meet her secretly.
Gerry: (Lasers firing in game) 'I'm not being funny or owt, but you are really bad at this.'
Liv: 'You should have got Aaron instead.'
Gerry: 'Yeah, cos that's likely(!) If Aaron comes after me, it won't be virtual reality. Come on, Liv! At least put up a fight.'(Controller clicking)
Liv: 'I'm sorry. I can't concentrate on this. I'm. I'm thinking about next week.'
Gerry: 'You've got to stay calm. You've got your family on your side. You've got a top lawyer an' all. Yes, get in.' (Laughs)
Liv: 'What if it still goes wrong?'
Gerry: 'Then deal with it like I did.'
Liv: 'I don't think I can.'
Gerry: ''Course you can. You're tougher than me, any day of the week. It's like joining a new school.'
Liv: 'Right.'
Gerry: 'Honestly, I'm not messing with you. I wouldn't do that. It's scary at first, but once you spot the decent ones from the bullies cos there are decent people, you learn the rules. You keep your head down, next thing you know you're out. (Liv looks so sad) Not that it will come to that, obviously.'
Liv: (Mobile chimes, Liv looks at it and gets up, smiles at her phone and walks to the door grabbing her coat and leaves)

Thursday's 8pm episode was written by Helen Childs and directed by Ian Barber.

The first scene we got was when Doug reunited Liv and Gabby. Doug's speech to them made me emotional. Their friendship is the sweetest. Rosie and Isobel work so well together!
Doug: 'Got my text, then?'
Liv: (Watching in the B&B) 'Yeah obviously.'
Doug: 'Sorry, I had trouble shaking Bernice off.' (Doug brings Gabby in and Liv's face speaks a thousand words)
Gabby: 'Liv! You came. I'm so glad you're home.'
Doug: 'I've seen how miserable you've been since Liv's been away and I know she's missed you just as much.'
Liv: 'Yeah, a bit. Maybe.'
Doug: 'So, I thought a reunion couldn't come soon enough.'
Gabby: 'We gotta keep it quiet. If Mum finds out she'll go mad. '
Doug: 'There's few things more terrifying than Bernice on the warpath. Like rampant giant hogweed- it's the stuff of nightmares.'
Liv: 'So why are you doing this, then?'
Doug: 'Because I've got a few years on you.'
Liv: 'And the rest Granddad!'
Doug: 'So I can tell you that true friendship doesn't come too often in a lifetime. So whatever you have to face, it'll be easier with your friends by your side. Right.' (Doug leaves and the girls hug)

The second scene was when Liv and Gabby talking in The Grange. Their friendship is amazing. Love how much support they give each other.
Gabby: 'I'm sorry I dragged you into all of that.'
Liv: 'You didn't drag me into it.'
Gabby: 'But it turns out Daz is actually OK, which means my whole hate campaign was pretty pointless. We could go to prison because of it.'
Liv: 'Don't think about that.'
Gabby: 'I can't help it.'
Liv: 'Well, we could get smashed. Might be our last opportunity in a while.'
Gabby: 'Erm, I can't. (Gabby opens up) I found Laurel with a bottle of whisky while you were away. And she would of drunk it if I hadn't stopped her.'
Liv: 'Nightmare.'
Gabby: 'Look, it was after Dad's memorial. I know she was upset but if she'd got drunk she'd have felt worse. So, sorry. I'd be such a hypocrite.'
Liv: 'No, it's fine. It's no biggie.'

The third and final scene of the episode featuring Liv was open I wasn't expecting was back in The Grange where Gerry entered spying Liv and Gabby together. Love how Gerry wouldn't say anything about them being together.
The fact when Gerry and Gabby left and Liv grabbed a bottle of booze.
Gabby: 'What's Arthur gonna do when I'm not here to look out for him?'
Liv: 'Look it's not gonna get to that. We need to show we're sorry and they'll let us off like your mum said.'
(Door opens and Gerry enters) 'I've looked everywhere for you! What you doing hiding in here?'
Liv: 'We are catching up. And we shouldn't be meeting so you haven't seen us.'
Gerry: 'Making t'most of your last days of freedom, eh?'
Gabby: 'Actually, we're trying to NOT think about that.'
Gerry: 'You won't want these cream cakes, then.'
Liv: 'You bought us cakes?'
Gerry: 'Bob were throwing 'em, they were on t'turn but you might like 'em.'
Gabby: 'That's really sweet.'
Gerry: 'Take it from me. The grub on the inside isn't up to much.'
Gabby: (Gets out a book of drawings) 'Erm.. what's this?'
Gerry: 'Just drawings.'
Gabby: 'Drawings of what?'
Gerry: 'Some doodling. Nothing you'd be interested in.'
Gabby: 'Let's see, then. Shall we?'
Gerry: 'Get lost. You're only going to laugh.'
Gabby: 'Wait, you actually drew this?'
Gerry: 'Give it back.'
Gabby: 'No! I wanna know!'
Gerry: 'Give me it here! Get off. Please.'
(Liv gets up of the sofa and goes to the bar and takes some vodka)

Friday's episode was written by Julie Parsons and directed by Ian Barber.
Ahead of the episode, Emmerdale previewed a clip showing Liv and Aaron with Zak in The Mill talking about Liv's court case that is happening in Monday's episode.

The first scene of the episode was in The Mill where Liv was looking out of the window where she is talking a drink from her 'water bottle' which don't you just tell people you are struggling, Liv?! With the solicitor arriving, they sit down at the table where she is sounding positive about the court case but Aaron is super nervous for his sister ahead of her court case. I love how much Aaron is there for his sister, everyone needs a sibling like him! Super precious! Liv is struggling and she's looking to the solicitor. Why is she so good at hiding her feelings?
(Liv looks out of the window and takes sip from her bottle and Door opens)
Aaron: 'Thanks for coming around so early.'
Solicitor: 'No problem. Always good to get ahead of the curve.'
Aaron: 'Yeah. Can I get you a tea or a coffee?'
Solicitor: 'No, thanks. I've just put one out. (looks at Liv) How's it  going? You holding up OK?'
Liv: 'Yeah, you know.. kind of.'
Aaron: 'Have a seat.'
Solicitor: 'So, without wishing to negate the gravity of the incident, I think we stand a pretty good chance with our case, (looks at Robert who's just walked down the stairs with Seb) Nice to see you again.'
Robert: 'You too.'
Solicitor: 'These are two young girls with lots of promise that did a reckless thing. (looks at Liv) It was a silly prank that went horribly wrong.'
Liv: 'They're definitely not gonna mention Gordon?'
Solicitor: 'Not on my watch. I know you have very strong feelings about this. Like you've stressed, your family history is irrelevant.'
Aaron: 'Lisa said she'll speak up for Liv in court. Give her a character reference. Tell 'em that she's a good kid.'
Solicitor: 'Well, I have to tell you that's not always possible. Lisa's given her victim impact statement, so she wouldn't normally get the opportunity to speak. But I'm absolutely going to push for it. (Aaron smiles) It's arbitrary, so we'll have to make sure the judge sees the value in hearing from Lisa on the day. (looking at Liv) Even without Lisa's testimony, we've got a strong defence, especially if we get Liv to speak up and apologise for what's happened. Show how sorry she is. We need the judge to see that you're a bright young girl with her whole life ahead of her, who desperately regrets what she's done.'

Copyright ITV

In the second scene which was back at The Mill, with the solicitor leaving and Aaron being super nervous but with the solicitors words Aaron is slowly starting to think positive. Love how Robert is there for his husband. I just wish Aaron would open up to Robert about how he is feeling about everything. Robert feeding Seb is so cute.
Aaron: 'Right, so I guess we'll see you in court.' (Aaron and the solicitor head to the door)
Solicitor: 'That's what you pay me for. (Aaron opens the door, solicitor leaves) Try not to worry. I'm confident you'll be bringing her home.'
Aaron: 'Just between you and me, no, sugar-coating it, are you sure she's not gonna get sent down for this?'
Liv: 'I wouldn't get your hopes up if I didn't think we stood a good chance.'
Aaron: 'But there's no guarantees?'
Solicitor: 'All I can tell you is that we've got a robust case. With Liv's testimony and my defence, it's unlikely the judge'll see fit to hand down a detention order.(Sighs) Please try and relax. You're in safe hands.'
Aaron: 'Thank you.' (door closes)
Robert: (feeding Seb on the sofa) 'She's good.' (Aaron smirks and looks up the stairs)

Why do I have the biggest feeling that Joe will sabotage Liv's court case knowing that he knows Liv's solicitor!! I will be very cross if this is the case. Joe's definitely the reason she moves cases (Joe you are frustrating me now!)

The third scene of the episode was back in The Mill kitchen, Aaron and Zak are in the kitchen talking about Liv's court case and Aaron tells Liv to show more interest but you can tell she's hurting underneath the front she's putting on. Liv's so scared but doesn't wanna worry her brother! Aaron is very anxious and broken for his little sister. Aaron raises his voice and Liv storms off whilst Aaron then opens up to Zak, even Zak's upset that it's come to her going to court. Aaron's facial expressions throughout speak a thousand words.
Zak: 'So how did your meeting go?'
Aaron: 'Pretty good, yeah. Solicitor dead on it, in't she?'
(Aaron looks at Liv sitting on the sofa on her phone) Aaron: 'Liv?'
Liv: 'Hm?'
Aaron: 'The lawyer that Robert's shelling out for seems bob-on, doesn't she?'
Liv: 'She gets paid ether way.'
Aaron: 'She's brilliant! Could you show a bit more interest? This is about your future.'
Liv: 'I get it. (turns to Aaron) and I'm sick of everyone going on about it. (gets up and heads to the stairs)Can we forget it happened for one second.'
Aaron: 'Sorry.'
Zak: 'Don't worry about it. Be nerves.'
Aaron: 'She puts on a good front, but she's bricking it about getting sent down.'
Zak: 'Let's just hope it never comes to that... for all our sakes.'
Aaron: 'Well, Louise, the solicitor, reckons they could get away with a referral order.'
Zak: 'Huh?'
Aaron: 'It's community service.'
Zak: 'Ah. What's the worst-case scenario?'
Aaron: 'Six months in a youth detention centre.'
Zak: (Groans) 'It should never have come to this. (Aaron scoffs) Ey, just cos I love the woman doesn't mean I agree with every decision she makes.'

With Paddy and Chas getting engaged at the end of the episode, Why do I sense a double wedding for Robron and Chaddy but only Robron to actually go through with it?

Special mentions

Isobel Steele - It's so wonderful to see you back even if you were only gone off screen for 9 episodes, it's so nice having you back working with Ryan Hawley and Danny Miller is just wonderful! Isobel you play the vulnerable side of Liv incredibly well. And I have excited for next Monday's episode to see your portrayal.
Danny Miller - You have been wonderful supporting Isobel and I have no doubt that you were on hand to support her with any questions she may have had throughout this storyline.


You can watch all the scenes here.
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