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I feel far too emotional to watch tonight's episode because I know Liv isn't going to be able to cope but on the other side I know Isobel will absolutely smash this storyline! But I also don't know how Liv is going to survive in young offenders where there is no alcohol, mmm.

Tuesday's episode was written by Linton Chiswick and directed by Jeff Naylor.
I am so nervous ahead of tonight episode, I am not ready to see Liv struggle inside and Aaron blaming himself but all I can say is thank god Aaron has Robert and Liv has them both for support! Fingers crossed they are honest with each other unlike when Aaron was inside and he hid everything from his loved ones!

The first scene of the episode featuring Aaron was in The Mill where Lisa enters. Aaron looks like a lost boy worrying so much about Liv, Robert is clearly struggling too but doesn't want Aaron to know. Aaron, I know it's hard for you not to blame Lisa for everything that's happened with Liv but for what happened yesterday in court with the solicitor changing - you should be blaming Joe!
Aaron: 'You just missed him... Zak.'
Lisa: 'Zak was here?'
Belle: 'When?'
Aaron: 'Stayed for a brew. Left about 20 minutes ago.'
Robert: (comes down the stairs) 'Oh well, at least one of us is getting some sleep. Seb. We've got a routine going aren't we. He gets all the kip he needs here, then he goes berserk when Bex and Vic have him. Works out very well for us. Want me to stick the kettle on?'
Lisa: 'No, no, I just came by to say if there's anything I can do to help you or Liv, please just tell me.'
Aaron: 'Like what? I'm sorry, Lisa. I don't wanna fight with you, but it's too late for all that.'
Lisa: 'I didn't come here to fight. I'm not happy about this any more than you are but... what's done is done.'
Aaron: (looks at Robert) "What's done is done." That's the end of it. Cheers Lisa.'
Lisa: 'I didn't mean it like that. I.. I meant...  '
Aaron: 'It's more than Zak thought I'd get out of you.'
Lisa: 'What do you mean? What did he say?'
Aaron: 'If you really don't wanna fight today I'd avoid him, if I was you.'

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The second time we saw was of Liv in young offenders where she was with a girl who was obviously trying to bully Liv and that's very clear to everyone. Liv looks broken and down beat. Liv's like this character we haven't seen before and I am not liking it! And I am struggling to see how she is going to survive this if she is already struggling as much as she is and that is obvious to anyone and I bet it because of the alcohol - lets be honest she was clearly drinking a lot in secret.
Girl: 'So what did you think of brekkie?'
Liv: 'Was all right.'
Girl: 'Why didn't you eat it then?'
Liv: 'Dunno. Wasn't hungry. (walking down the corridor) What's next?'
Girl: 'Lessons.'
Liv: 'After that.'
Girl: 'Tea. Bed. Shower. More breakfast. More lessons.'
Liv: 'I mean in the evening.'
Girl: 'I see what you mean. Yeah, usually, pre-drinks in our room. Then we go out clubbing. Taxi back. What is it you're trying to ask me?'
Liv: 'It's the pre-drinks bit I was wondering about. I've heard stories.'
Girl: 'You mean like, somebody brewing it from left over potato peelings?'
Prison guard: 'In your room, girls.'
Girl: 'Listen, anything that happens round here, I get to know about it. I kind of.. run things. You know what I mean? So you prove you can be trusted, then we'll see, won't we?'

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The third time we saw Aaron was out for a run Aaron out for a run always give me anxiety! where he bumped into Joe, where Joe is trying to get say he has things in common which obviously they don't.
Aaron sticks to his guard when it comes to Joe about The Mill. Before Joe goes on to admit what he did in the court case. Hate that Joe's so determined to get The Mill and it's about time he learnt that there is no way he ever will as long as Aaron's there. Then Aaron sees Robert and tells him both looks annoyed about him. No what they actually are is livid with Joe! I am excited for this Joe vs Robert/ Aaron even more now!! Because Aaron won't be playing nice at all especially as he decided to involve Liv!
(Out for a run bumping into Joe) 'Oh! Whoa!'
Aaron: 'What?'
Joe: 'Miles away, huh? Works wonders, doesn't it, a run, to take your mind off things? I do the same whenever I've got things, you know rumbling around in my head, I just put my trainers on and ... (WHOOSH) I bet I know what's going around your head though, how that so-called legal professional was allowed to do that.'
Aaron: 'What are you talking about?'
Joe: 'You spent all that money on an expert for help, for what? A total joke. I meant what I said by the way, I'm happy to fund an appeal. Obviously, it will cost you the house you technically owe me.'
Aaron: 'I don't want anything from you.'
Joe: 'You could do a lot worse. (walking away) I've got some really close friends at that law firm. Maybe, if you'd behaved a bit more reasonably to begin with. '
Aaron: 'You what?'
Joe: 'Do a warm down. Get rid of that lactic acid.'
Robert: 'You OK? Trouble?'
Aaron: 'I know what happened yesterday.'

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The next time we saw Aaron and Robert were in The Woolpack talking about what Joe admitted to doing yesterday. Aaron's concerned about what has done to Lisa that he is starting to doubt himself over blaming Lisa. Moments later, Aaron is then seen going up to the bar after he sees Paddy giving his mum, her engagement ring. Aaron's face was so cute! He's made up for them but he's missing Liv.
Robert: 'We should go to the Law Society.'
Aaron: 'And say what?'
Robert: 'And report them.'
Aaron: 'We can't prove anything.'
Robert: 'You don't think he was just saying it, making it up? A way to get to you?'
Aaron: 'No. I don't. We need to tell Zak.'
Robert: 'What after being at ...? Where'd your mum say he was going?'
Aaron: 'Malt Shovel.'
Robert: 'Exactly, not a chance.'
Aaron: 'It's made me feel bad about how I was with Lisa now. What if it makes Zak wanna patch things up with her?'
Robert: 'It won't it'll make him wanna fight with Joe. Don't tell anyone. The last thing your family needs is a giant feud.'
(Few moments later, Chas puts on her engagement ring. Chas shows Aaron)
Aaron: 'Ah, nice.'

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The fifth time we saw Aaron and Robert was when they were in The Woolpack where Chas admits that she was worried about telling him because of what is going on with Liv as Chas just wanted her home to celebrate. Robert's happy for them and is determined that they celebrate their news. Robert looks so worried about his husband, my heart is breaking for them. Aaron and Paddy hug was just what I needed to see!
Chas: 'So, you ARE pleased? We didn't know whether to say anything. It hardly seems right, Liv not being here. She should be part of it.'
Aaron: 'Mum, of course I'm pleased.'
(After Chas shows Brenda her engagement ring) Robert: 'Well, I reckon drinks are in order.'
Paddy: 'When will you get a chance to talk to her?'
Aaron: 'Er, in a few hours.'
Paddy: 'Right, you'll make sure to let her know we're all thinking of her. Doesn't feel the same, does it? (Aaron nods his head) Worse for you, can't imagine how worried you are.'
Aaron: (clears throat)
Paddy: 'Come 'ere. (They hug) We'll get through this. We'll all be a family together.' (Robert looks concerned about Aaron)

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The sixth scene of the episode with them was in the scrapyard where Aaron is on the phone to Liv where Joe walked in. YES Aaron, I think you going for Joe is something we all wanted to see.
I can see Aaron's mental health could take a turn for the worst.
Aaron: (on phone to Liv) 'I know. I don't know think they have set a date. I didn't ask. No-one's really in the mood for celebrating anyway so... Did you...? What was that? Is that some shouting at you? (knocking at door) I'm not gonna promise not to worry. Of course I'm gonna worry. (Joe enters) All right, look, Liv. I'll erm I'll talk to you soon, yeah? Robert said to say hi as well. All right, Love you. Bye.'
(To Joe) 'What d'you want?'
Joe: 'Just dropping in? I like to keep tabs on my investments especially ones as glamorous as this (!) Where's Jimmy? (looks to Aaron) How's, er, Liv? That was her you were on the phone to just now, wasn't it? What you doing?'
Aaron: 'I'm getting out of here.'
Joe: 'Don't you wanna hear what I have to say? Trust me I know why you're upset. It's not fair at all. One of them picking up crisp packets in the park, sun on her face, (Robert enters) the other one rattling the bars of her cage like a bored monkey.' (Aaron goes for Joe you can't blame him though)
Joe: 'Whoa, whoa, whoa!' (laughs)
Aaron: 'I'm gonna rip you apart for this!'
Joe: 'Maybe before you "rip me apart" consider this, if it wasn't for your own duplicity, maybe Liv would be with you now. See you very soon.'
Robert: 'Have I got to watch you every second?'
Aaron: 'He's got a point though.'
Robert: 'About what?'
Aaron: 'If we'd given him what we promised, things might be different.'

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In the final scene of the episode it featured Liv alone in the youth offenders where she was with a load of girls who are clearly bullying her with the girls sat around a table, Liv then enters after talking to Aaron the phone the girls go straight in with tricks Liv into thinking that the water bottle has vodka in it which in fact she drinks but it turns out to be water (but Liv is secretly hoping it was vodka, like it would have been if it was from her 'water bottle'). Liv is missing Aaron and Robert so much and it shows through - she can't hide her feeling which isn't going to be good around these bullies. Liv is also so very broken about what the girls did and storms out (I can't say I was surprised as it had me crying during the scene because they are repeating the prison storyline that they did when Aaron was in their and now they are doing it with Liv, why??? I am so angry about this!
Liv you are breaking my heart!! You need protecting!!
(Liv enters the room where the girls are all sitting)
Girl: 'You were ages. (Liv turns to face the girl) Were you saying how much you missed everyone? Were they crying? Were you crying?'
Liv: 'No.'
Girl: 'I'm the only one who never cried. Not even on my first night. Ask anyone. (girl closes door) Got you a present.' (wattle bottle in hand Liv is thinking only one thing lets be honest.)
Liv: 'Yeah.'
Girl: 'Thought this might cheer you up, first week an' that. (takes lid of the bottle, hands to Liv) Go on.'
Liv: (all the other girls are watching her) 'What? Here? '
Girl: 'Quickly, don't mess around.' (Liv drinks for the bottle)
Liv: (coughs, all the girls giggle) 'Is this water?'
Girl: 'I thought you might be thirsty. (laughter in the room) Can I have it back now? (scoffs) You're shaking, man! Your hand's shaking. Your either dead scared or a proper alkie. (Liv heads to the door to walk out) Or both.'

Special mentions

Isobel Steele - you were beyond incredible tonight and you had me emotional invested from the start tonight and I am so proud of you! Only one episode in and I am an emotional wreck!!
Danny Miller - you play and emotional Aaron so incredibly well that I can't wait for them to give you a happy storyline it will happen one of these days!
Ryan Hawley just thank you!


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Review by Kellie x