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Today, April Kry new single 'Perfectly Imperfect' was released TODAY (30.4.18). And what a song Perfectly Imperfect is! You can read my interview with April below...

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Hello April. Thank you so much for agreeing to let me do this interview with me.
I hope you are well.

You are releasing your new single Perfectly Imperfect on Monday, could you tell us a little bit about the song?
I am! So this song I had been trying to write for a long time and I'm so happy it's finally being released to the world. It talks about self acceptance, feeling trapped and boxed in by society. I think there are so many unrealistic standards set by the media, I feel this pressure especially being a female in the entertainment industry, to look and act a certain way. And I wanted to tell the listener that it's ok to be broken sometimes, it's ok to not look put together all the time and it's ok to be perfectly imperfect!

I absolutely love Perfectly Imperfect. Was it based on a personal experience you had growing up?
Thank you! Actually, yes. I’ve always struggled with perfectionism, self judgement and at a point in my life, crippling self doubt. Not a lot of people know this, but I think it’s important to talk about. Especially because I have so many young fans who look up to me. I want them to know that I struggle with the same things they do. I’ve had people tell me, “your nose is too big”, or “you don’t quite look the part”. Those things will stick with you until you learn to be confident in your own skin.

I am really intrigued to know what the writing and recording process for Perfectly Imperfect was like?
Well like I mentioned, I had been trying to write this song for a really long time. I had a writing session with my- now good friend, Blair Daly and it was our first write so I ended up bringing in that title and we just went with it. Everything kind of fell into place very quickly. Then I went into the studio and worked closely with Louis Newman who produced it, to find the right sound. I’m so happy with it!

I wish I had a song like this to grow up too. So inspiring!
Aww, that's so sweet!

If Perfectly Imperfect is anything to go by I am very excited for you for all your music releases especially an EP.
Thank you! I'm working right now to find the right producer for this new batch of songs. I'm really excited to release a new body of work that showcases my new direction.
Ah, I can't wait April.

And whilst, I have you I have to ask you can we expect you one day to hopefully come to the UK?
Absolutely. This is one of my goals for 2018! You shall see me soon!

Thank you so much for your time, April.

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Interview by Kellie