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PLEASE NOTE: This blog is written differently as a one shot meaning that everything I write was during the episode and none was written after the episode!

Wednesday's episode was written by Stuart Blackburn and directed by Sarah Kendall.
Ahead of Wednesday's episode, Emmerdale released a preview which featured Aaron carrying Seb into The Mill when he gets a phone call from Liv when Syd then walks in and picks up Seb.

The first scene of the episode was in The Woolpack when Syd enters where Aaron was on his phone when Syd spies on him. Shortly after Robert enters and sees with Aaron. Aaron actually touched Robert's leg (finally after a few episodes) Robert knows Aaron is worrying about Liv. Can't believe he mentioned them spending time together as a family and Aaron mentioning collecting Seb was the loveliest!
Robert: 'Heard from Liv yet?'
Aaron: 'No, not for a while. Do you reckon I should call?'
Robert: 'That girl is as tough as it gets. She'll be fine. Look, how's this for an idea? Why don't you knock work on the head and go home and chill out?'
Aaron: 'You mean, take my mind off Liv?'
Robert: 'Yeah.'
Robert: 'Yeah. I'll pick up Seb after my meeting, then we can do something. Come on, you know it makes sense.'
Aaron: 'Yeah. Why not? I tell you what, I'll pick up Seb, yeah?'

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The second scene of the episode was in The Mill when Aaron was seen carrying Seb into (The Mill) where he got a phone call from Liv when Syd then walks in and picks up Seb before Aaron turns around and noticing hanging up the phone to Liv. Aaron is shocked to see Syd and very confused as to why he was there wanting to see him it seemed. Aaron's face when he realised that Syd had Seb he looked terrified for his step son (feels weird writing this). The tone of Aaron's voice when he was talking to Seb was just the cutest so soft. I was so scared for Seb and Aaron's facial expression said a thousand words.
Aaron: (coming into the Mill with bags and Seb and his phone rings) 'Come on. I won't be a minute, mate. All right. (puts Seb down right next to the open front door and walks on to the kitchen) Won't be a minute. (answers phone with back to the door, while Syd walks in and picks Seb up) Liv, hiya. You all right? What about you? Eh? Well, she's your mum. It's her job to nag you. Listen, seriously, if you need to talk to anyone about anything... you know where I am, don't you? (sees Syd with Seb) Liv, I'm gonna have to... I'll call you back. (hangs up) Who the hell are you? Give him to me. I mean it.'
Syd: 'Ooooh, wouldn't want any accidents now, would we, Aaron?'
Aaron: 'How do you know my name?'
Syd: 'Research. Always do your research.'
Aaron: 'So Joe Tate sent you, did he?'
Syd: 'Dunno what you're on about. Funny, really. I thought you'd remember me. You know, after taking all that time and trouble to spring me and your mate from the prison van. So here's the thing. You're gonna do exactly what I say.'

During the next scene which was at The Mill, Aaron just wanted his step son, Seb back from Syd where Aaron was looking super scared for the safety of his step son. But with Syd thinking that he knows Aaron (Aaron looked rather confused as to who Syd really was) but as soon as Syd mentions Cain, Aaron starts to look a little startled. Aaron soon realises that Syd is only after money and demands £100k. But Aaron's only concern is wanting his step son back safe and sound.
Aaron: 'Just give him to me. Please.'
Syd: 'You're doing fine, aren't you? Uncle Syd's not gonna hurt you, is he? Well, I say that...'
Aaron: 'What you even doing here? What do you want?'
Syd: 'This'll be the bit where he acts all innocent. Pretends he doesn't know what I'm on about.'
Aaron: 'I don't. You got the wrong guy. I don't know about any prison break.'
Syd: 'Yeah. Thought you'd say that. See, I knew I was just a by-product. It were the Barton boy you lot were after. I asked around. Folk reckoned you and him were bezzies. Once I knew you were related to Cain, it all fell into place. The two of you. In it together, were you?'
Aaron: 'So what you after then? Money?'
Syd: 'Finally. Not the sharpest tool in the box, are you? I'll be on the run for the rest of my life. It's not a cheap way to live. And I'm not a greedy man, so why don't we call it 100k? That'd suit you all right?'

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The following scene back in The Mill, Aaron just wanted Seb back he was starting to get worried. With Syd giving Aaron, Seb back when he starts to smell. Syd tells Aaron who is really is and demands his 100k for his go to the police.
Aaron: 'Please. Just give him to me.'
Syd: 'Why not? It's starting to stink, if you know what I mean.' (hands him over)
Aaron: 'Come here.' (takes Seb, gives him a little kiss, holds him close)
Syd: 'You should take me seriously, mate. See, you know my family. The McFarlanes. Name ring a bell?'
Aaron: 'Is that supposed to scare me?'
Syd: 'It should do. You were selling drugs for us, weren't you? Surprised we never met.'
Aaron: 'How the hell do you expect me to find 100k?'
Syd: 'You're a Dingle. You'll find a way. Cos if you don't, I'll put you and Cain in hossie. And then, when you're both laid-up, the cops'll get an anonymous tip-off letting 'em know who sprung me and Adam Barton. So I reckon your best bet is to get me the cash. Don't you?'

In the next scene at The Mill, where Aaron is rather down and I'm not surprised why especially as he's sitting alone on the stairs when Robert enters asking after his son. With Robert's worry soon turning to Aaron. Can Aaron just tell Robert. Aaron goes to ring Cain. Robert's reaction to Syd taking Seb is nothing compared to what's about to happen tomorrow.
Robert: 'Sorry it took so long. How's the little man been? Aaron?'
Aaron: 'He's safe. He didn't hurt him.'
Robert: 'Who didn't? Aaron, what's up? Come on. You're scaring me. (Aaron exhales jaggedly) What? Is it Liv? Has something happened? Aaron? Aaron, what's going on?!'
Aaron: 'I need to phone Cain.'

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The final scene of the episode featuring Robert and Aaron was back in The Mill, they were sat in the kitchen where they are with Cain talking about Syd. Aaron's worried and jitty but wouldn't you be if that had happened to you? and Robert is frustrated but most importantly his extremely worried about his husband. But one thing I love is, is that Cain is involved.
Cain: 'If it wasn't for us, he'd be inside.'
Aaron: 'I can't go back to prison, Cain.'
Cain: 'No one's going anywhere.'
Aaron: 'You think it's that simple?'
Cain: 'Think about it. There were no clues. No forensics. Our alibis stacked up. We were fine the first time it was investigated. We'll be fine now. Syd's desperate. He's just trying it on.'
Robert: 'Haven't you heard a word he's just said? That nutter's said he's gonna grass you and us up. He's said he's gonna put you both in hospital. He had my son, Cain! Anything could have happened.'
Cain: 'But it didn't, did it?'
Aaron: 'It's not just him. It's his family. He's desperate, Cain. He's not gonna give up till he gets the money.'
Cain: 'Good. Cos the next time he comes knocking, I'LL be answering the door.'

I loved the drama we were given in this episode from Stuart!


You can watch this week's scene here in a playlist I made.

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