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Monday's episode was written by Karin Young and directed by Ian Barber.
With Emmerdale releasing a little preview ahead of Monday's episode last Friday (23rd Feb), Robert telling Rebecca he is moving out of Victoria's was such a hallelujah moment! And Robert mentioning he's with Aaron was beautiful. What does this mean for looking after Seb? Wonderful Daddy Robron scenes? I think YES!

First time in the episode where we saw Robert was in the cottage talking to Rebecca and with Robert mentioning moving back in with Aaron I was happy.

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The second part, we saw Robert was with Aaron when they were moving Robert's belongings into The Mill - you've gotta love domestic Robron haven't you?! Was super cute and just like old times before things went wrong aha. Robert and Aaron are definitely back where they belong and back together which is even better! But when Robert mentions having Seb tonight Aaron's reaction was lovely.
Aaron: (trying to get through the door the same time as Robert) 'Go on, you go first.'
Robert: 'Thanks.'
Aaron: 'Charming.'
Robert: 'You shouldn't be polite if you don't mean it.'
Victoria: 'And the arguing begins.'
Robert: 'Wait till Liv gets here.'
Aaron: 'Hey, is Rebecca gonna be all right? I feel really bad for her.'
Victoria: 'She has still got me. At least give it a week before the worrying starts.'
Robert: 'Oh no, Aaron's never happier than when he's fretting.'
Aaron: 'I'll ignore that. I will put it down in the insults book though.'
Robert: 'Feel free.'
Aaron: 'Look, why don't we offer to have Seb later?'
Robert: 'You had to get in there first, being all nice.'
Victoria: 'You know she will be fine. She will. But an hour out wouldn't go amiss. It's a lovely idea.'
Robert: 'Well, come on, let's get this stuff upstairs.'
Victoria: 'I'll start in the kitchen.'

Back at Vic's, Robert is holding Seb where Rebecca is repeating everything she is saying where leads Robert to cancel his plans with Aaron. Why are you coming between them again, Rebecca?
There is something not right about all these Rebecca scenes, I still reckon she's faking it! 

Over in The Woolpack, Victoria and Aaron are talking about Robert cancelling tonight. I love how understanding Aaron is being with Robert being a 'dad' to Seb. Seeing Aaron in that grey hoody argh.
Victoria: 'She forgets stuff and she panics.'
Aaron: 'Vic, it's fine. Robert texted me. It's no-one's fault.'
Victoria: 'Still, first night together.'
Aaron: 'It'll take time.'
Victoria: 'Well, I'm sorry.'
Chas: 'Who's sorry, why, and who should I kill?'
Victoria: 'NO, you're right. It'll be fine. (Victoria leaves)
Aaron: 'No, Vic - Mum, I'm perfectly okay.'
Chas: 'Okay is not good enough for my son. Anyway, this isn't for you, it's for me, bighead.' (hugging him)

I forgot how much I like Victoria and Aaron scenes - we don't get enough of them if I am honest! 

Wednesday's episode was written by Bill Lyons and directed by Ian Barber.

The first time we saw Aaron was in The Woolpack corridor where he saw Marlon and where is started talking about him and Aaron going out for a meal we Aaron saying 'Since we got back together' was such a perfect line and one I loved. With Paddy then talking to Aaron and asking him to say to Aaron about telling Chas she's the best man. Aaron's reaction was fabulous aha.
Aaron: 'Oh, Marlon, is my mum about?'
Marlon: 'Erm, still in bed.'
Aaron: 'What? Is she not well?'
Marlon: 'No, I think she just fancied a lie in. Charity's supposed to open up, but I expect I'll be lumbered with that, too.'
Aaron: 'Look, me and Robert are coming in for dinner, it's the first time since we got back together, so...'
Marlon: 'Well, I reckon she might have other things on her mind right now.'
Aaron: 'What do you mean?'
Paddy: (just came in) 'Nothing. Nothing to worry about. But you know, if you're coming in later, maybe you could tell her what a great mum you think she is.'
Aaron: 'Where's that come from?'
Paddy: 'Nothing! It's just that's the sort of thing all mothers like to hear from their kids sometimes.'
Aaron: 'Right, well, if I said that out of the blue, she'd think I was trying to borrow money.'

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The second scene with them was in The Woolpack where Robert and Aaron were talking about possibly going out. Tom starts talking Robert leading to them having a go at each other. Moments later Chas then went to take drinks over for them all to enjoy.
Aaron looks so content being back with Robert.
Aaron: 'If we've not got Seb tonight, why don't we go out and do something?'
Robert: 'Cos I'm gonna have to work late tonight. Look, I just got this text from Jimmy. (shows his phone to Aaron) We lost the best contract yesterday. (to Joe) Hey! Stop giving Jimmy stupid errands when he's got proper work to do.'
Joe: 'How I treat my employees is none of your business... Richard.'
Robert: 'You know it's Robert. And we're all bored with you trying to prove you're the big man.'
Graham: (holds Joe back) 'We haven't got time for this. We've got a buyer coming in and you need to salvage things.'

In the scrapyard, Robert and Aaron were seen having a go at Gerry thanks to the bad smoke. Tom and Robert having a go at each other. Two heated characters, that don't know when to stop!
Aaron's already bored on Tom and don't we know it will his body language, Aaron the king of giving the signals ha.
Robert is one character you never wanna mess with cos you want win Joe but what a pairing being such strong headed characters.
Robert: 'Who told him he could set that lot off? Gerry, what the hell are you doing?'
(Joe, Graham and the buyer who is not thrilled about Gerry burning something talk)
Aaron: 'I told you to get rid of it, not set fire to it!'
Gerry: 'I'm sorry!'
Joe: 'Hey! Who's responsible for this smoke?'
Aaron: 'We're sorting it, all right.'
Joe: 'Oh, I should've known it would be a Dingle. If you lot had a brain cell between you, it would die of loneliness.'
Robert: 'If you wanna start on about families, mate, you're on to a loser! Cos everyone hated your dad almost as much as they despise you.'
Joe: 'Just put that out. You are jeopardising my sale.'
Robert: 'And you're ruining my haulage company, so that just about makes us even.'

I am so ready for this storyline between Robert and Tom to cause so much trouble!

The final scene of the night was in The Woolpack where Robert and Aaron were having a drink when Tom says put it on mine - this is only the start of Joe's revenge plan, hate that they are involving Jimmy. But why is Jimmy so naive. With Robert being so suspicious to start but soon agrees. This is such a bad move, Tom, Robert's a fighter and when he discovers this I wouldn't wanna be you!
Chas: '5,90'              
Joe: 'Er, put that on my bill.'              
Robert: 'Yeah, we can pay for our own drinks, thanks.'                
Joe: 'Look, we got off on the wrong foot today. So I wanna put things right between us.'
Aaron: 'Come on, Robert, it's better than fighting.'
Robert: 'I'm not sure about that.'
Jimmy: 'Aaron's right. We ought to be celebrating. I've had a word with our client and I reckon I can get that account back. So no harm done.'
Robert: 'Okay. Thanks.'
Chas: 'Never really saw him as a fairy godmother before.'
Robert: 'Yeah. Me, neither.'
Jimmy: 'I told you we should be celebrating. Nearly done with the VAT and all.'
Joe: (on another table with Graham) 'I didn't think it'd be that easy to reel him in.'
Graham: 'How about what this could do to Jimmy?'
Joe: 'I've made him a hero.'
Graham: 'Mm. Till Robert finds out. He'll be finished with Jimmy and you won't keep him on once he's done your dirty work.'
Joe: 'Who cares? Robert Sugden isn't gonna know what hit him.'

Thursday's 7pm episode was written by Isobel Cameron and directed by Ian Bevitt.
With no Robron on screen but they had a mention about a day of them frolicking around in Leeds was a lovely line. This whole Joe spying on Robert for revenge is just annoying but Joe is definitely messing with the wrong person especially now Robert's back with Aaron.

Friday's episode was written by Dawn Harrison and directed by Ian Bevitt.
Ahead of the episode, Emmerdale released a preview which saw Joe spying on Robert at The Scrapyard where Robert was with Aaron reading a text out. But I can't understand why Graham is just sitting there whilst Tom is enjoying causing all this misery. What does he think he will find on Robert?!

The first time we saw Robert and Aaron in this episode was on Tom and Graham were spying on them at The Scrapyard from Home Farm were they were talking about Robert receiving a text and talking about Seb. Why are you doing? What's the point in all this, Joe? What are you hoping to achieve?

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The second time we saw them was when they arrived at Mill Cottage together where Victoria tells Robert about how Rebecca is struggling with looking after Seb. Robert has Seb in his arms which is just adorable and the way Aaron is smiling at them both was perfect.
When will we see Aaron holding Seb on screen?
Robert: (Enters holding Seb) 'Where's Rebecca?'
Victoria: 'Bath. She has already had a shower, but she's forgotten, And it just stresses her out if I explain.'
Robert: 'Right.'
Victoria: 'That's what I wanted to talk to you about.' (Aaron looks at Seb) 'I haven't mentioned it sooner, because I didn't want to burst your bubble.'
Aaron: 'Don't be daft.'
Victoria: 'She's struggling, Rob. And I'm trying to keep tabs on her, but it's really hard.'
Robert: 'Well, has something happened?'
Victoria: 'Well, just little things, like; she left the front door unlocked.'
Robert: 'Well. we've all done that.' (both chuckle)
Victoria: 'And she tired to feed Seb scorching-hot milk. And when Diane was here, she forgot where she lived. But she's super defensive about it. But to be honest, what helps her the most is if her day has got a bit of a structure. So I was thinking; Eliza's party. It's an open invite.'
(Rebecca enters the room) 'There's no hot water. (looks to Robert holding Seb) Are you here to take Seb? I don't remember arranging that.' (Walks off, Robert follows)
Robert: 'No, we didn't. I just thought I could tag along, maybe, to Eliza's party.'
Rebecca: 'Oh, I wasn't going to go to that. We don't really know her very well.'
Robert: 'Yeah, but it'll be good for Seb.' (Aaron and Victoria follow Robert)
Aaron: 'If there's jelly and ice-cream there, you try and keep him away!'
Victoria: 'Right. Come on, then. Let's go and pick him a really cute outfit.' (Rebecca walks off with Victoria, Seb cries)

The next scene was when Robert was with Rebecca at Eliza's party with Seb (How adorable is Lily in all of these scenes?) Love that Robert has listened to Victoria. Seeing Robert at the a child's birthday party is something I never thought I would see.

Final scene of the night featuring Robert was when he and Rebecca returned with Seb to Mill Cottage. Victoria is obviously very worried about Rebecca's health when it comes to her looking after Seb after what's been happening in the last few days. Victoria's honesty with Robert is great, love their sibling relationship.
Robert: 'I still feel really sticky and my knees have seized up from Rishi's party games.'
Rebecca: 'I didn't realise it would be so exhausting.'
Victoria: 'Well, why don't you go and have a kip? We can look after Seb.'
Rebecca: 'Thanks. And thank you for coming. It was fun.' (Rebecca leaves)
Victoria: 'So.. How was she?'
Robert: 'Fine. Totally normal. Just like all the other mums.'
Victoria: 'Well, that's cos you were only with her for two hours.'
Robert: 'Well, what do you want me to do, Vic? Spy on her and try and catch her out? I think you're overreacting.'
Victoria: 'It's not as if I've been missing shifts at work for fun. You're all clueless, because I've been shielding you from it.'
Robert: 'Vic -'
Victoria: 'No, listen. You only ever pop in. You don't see what she's like, day in, day out.'
Robert: 'She's got a four-month-old baby. You know, loads of new mums say that their brains turn to mush.'
Victoria: 'But Rebecca's recovering from a head injury, so she forgets stuff, and she gets muddled, and being knackered 24-7 doesn't help.'
Robert: 'OK. What do you want me to do?'
Victoria: 'I want you to do your share, which isn't just taking Seb off to your place and playing happy families. It's all the other stuff that he needs.' (Robert looks at Seb)
Robert: 'Well, fine, I will. I've always said that I'd take care of her.'
Victoria: 'Well, great. You can start with this.' (hands Robert the laundry basket)

After tonight's episode is clear that Rebecca needs professional help for her head injury and not just relying on Victoria and Robert for the help she needs.
Thank you Dawn for a lovely written episode.


Written by Kellie x