Happy Friday!

Today, I bring you my review on Sarah Darling's new single 'Wasted' which is out TODAY (Friday 2nd March).

'One incredibly beautifully inspiring song.' - BringCountry2UK

Wasted starts with a beautiful guitar into that leads into Sarah's vocals which are very soft and show her emotional tone throughout. The lyrics are stunning and tell us such a beautiful story and songs like this are incredible.
The first verse of Wasted is about the hurting that is caused by the drinking that a loved one and they aren't aware of how their loved ones are feeling.
The chorus of Wasted for me is the most raw and honest part of the song and the song-writing bought a tear to my eye.
The second verse of Wasted is very much about how you'd feel the next day and I love that it seems to be from the view of another people (a loved one who sees this day in, day out) who cares so care about them and hates seeing them this way!
The next time the chorus of Wasted was sung the more emotional I got (reminded me of something that happened personally a few years ago) which leads into the third verse being the one of realisation and that people do care about them and would miss them very much if anything was to happen to them.
Wasted is a brutally honest and incredibly beautiful song. Sarah has the voice of an angel.

Thank you, Sarah for this incredible song.

Review by Kellie x