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Hello Jamie. Thank you for agreeing to our interview.

Firstly could we ask you to introduce yourselves?
Hiiiii! I’m Jamie Burke. I’m a singer songwriter living in Nashville, TN.

How old were you were you decided to start writing your own songs? And when did you write and perform your first song?
By the time I was in middle school I was just singing songs around the house and one day my little brother asked me ‘hey who sings that song? I’ve had it in my head all day’...and I said ‘well I do’..& he said ‘so you wrote it?’...and next thing I knew, I had filled up pages and pages of notebooks with lyrics...& even costumes and stage design ideas.
I first began performing when I was very young in local productions and church plays/musicals-dancing acting and singing. I’ve always loved performing! 

Where did you first perform any of yours songs and how old were you?
It would’ve been some time in middle school. I tried out for school plays and musicals with songs I had written, but it was ultimately after a visit to Nashville for a song-writing camp that I decided to move and pursue my writing and performing full time after I finished high school.

What is your favourite country song and who is your favourite country artist (can be more than one)?
Oh my gosh! I couldn’t ever choose. It depends on my mood. My favorite artists are Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, George Strait, Eli Young Band, Loretta Lynn and Keith Urban. I grew up on Shania and great 90s music, so I am also partial to the 90s 🙃

What is the most inspirational song you have heard?
I think there’s a lot. The first ones that comes to mind is ‘Live like you were dying’ and 'I can only imagine'.

Now to talk about your music and plans for 2018

So guys, you released your first ever EP 'This Ain't My First Rodeo' back in 2012 - could you please tell us about the songs and why you choose them?
This ain’t my first rodeo was my first EP. Its all songs I wrote and produced myself, as was my second EP ‘Texas tornado’, with that one having 2 co writes. 
Shotgun is track’s a good ole fashioned revenge man-hater song 
TAMFR is the title track. It’s very fun.
Love is track 3; it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written and my moms favorite.
Track 4 is about a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, and track 5 is the single we chose for my first music video ‘what she don’t know’. The last track ‘back on your barstool’ is about a girl fight.

With each body of work I release, I try to pick a diverse amount of songs together with different stories and sounds, and take the listener along with me to the place and time I wrote it. 
When you buy my physical albums, you’ll see that I spell out who the songs are about in secret messages on the lyric page, as well.

And your current single Drive, could you please tell us a little bit about the song? I love the vibes you get from the song. 

Thank you! Drive is my autobiography. It’s slightly ambiguous as I reflect back on my hometown and ‘the high school ex’ versus my dreams in Nashville. We tried to channel some Dierks through the vibe of it in production, and I absolutely love how it came out. I think you can tell this is definitely a Jamie song not just because of the lyrics but because the sound is very ‘Southwest meets Tennessee’. We are shooting the video for it very soon and I’m so stoked about it!

You can buy it Jamie's current single Drive here

What was the recording experience like?
Being in studio is my favorite part of being a writer. It’s incredible to hear something that was just an idea suddenly be brought to life. I love recording at Beaird music studios the most. Larry and his team are incredibly professional and super tight musicians. I feel at home there.

Can we expect any new music from? If so, when?
Yes! I am planning on releasing my third album some time this year, with the video for DRIVE coming very very soon. It’s definitely looking to be my favorite video I’ve done so far.

And finally, I have to ask would you ever come to the UK?
YASSSSS! I am dying to visit Europe. I would love to see the UK. I am admittedly obsessed with the royal family. I wish Americans wore those big fabulous hats like they do there. Haha

Thank you so much for your time.

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Interview by Kellie x