Happy Friday!

Along with Sarah Darling releasing her latest single today (2.3.18) and along with our review on the single, Sarah very kindly agreed to an interview with us.

Hello Sarah. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview with us about your coming UK tour and new single 'Wasted'.

Are you excited to being coming back and performing in the UK?

I can’t tell you how excited I am for my first headline tour!   It’s going to be special sharing ‘Dream Country’ as well as some brand new tunes full band for the UK audiences. This is really the first time the listener will get to go on that full journey. 
Are you excited to be performing again to your UK fans?

Yes I’m absolutely on cloud nine coming back to play for my UK fans.  I love all my fans across the world, but their is something truly special about the UK crowd.  I just love the connection and appreciation I have every time I’m there.  It’s why I can’t stay away! 

Which of the venues are you most excited in visiting?
I’m very excited about Union Chapel! I’ve heard the acoustics are incredible.  There are certain songs in my set that I can’t wait to hear in that magical space.  I’m also looking forward to going to Brighton for the first time! 

What songs are you looking forward to performing?
I have a couple new tracks that I love playing live at the moment.  One of my personal favorites is a song called “Diamonds.” It’s an experience song.  I’m also looking forward to playing some of my early songs that nobody has probably heard me play including a track called “Bad Habit.” It’s the song that took me to the Grand Ole Opry stage. 

Can your fans expect any covers?
Yes I will be throwing in a few covers here and there.  The songs I pick are by artists that have really influenced me in my life. Think Tom Petty,  Coldplay, and Stevie Nicks! 

And, whilst I have you I have to ask you about your new single Wasted, can you please as a little about it?
It’s a track that’s quite personal to me.  I wrote it 7 years ago after having a conversation with a close family member who felt like their marriage was falling apart because of addiction.  The day after we talked I poured my heart into this song that really dives into what that emotion feels like.  I feel like everyone is connected to someone who deals with addiction. 

What was the writing and recording process for Wasted like?
Writing ‘Wasted’ was like a therapy session I remember.  Sometimes you get in a room with co writers and magic happens.  I’m grateful to have written this one with Josh Osborne and Marc Beeson.  They experienced the story with me and I’m grateful I have a beautiful song to share with the world. 
Recording it was magic in the sense that the song really drove the production.  It’s a track that doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles.  It’s a story song, and Mark Bright really allowed the song to shine for what it is. 

I love the lyrics and your tone is so beautiful.
That’s so very kind! I appreciate you taking the time as well. x

Thank you for your time, Sarah.

Interview by Kellie