Happy Monday!

Hannah Paris is releasing her new single Just You Wait. Just You Want is out the 14th March. Hannah has changed things up with this song being more rocky. I love that Just You Wait is about female empowerment which I love.

Just You Wait has a rocky feel to start with super edgy vocals which suits Hannah so much. The lyrics are very different but you can still hear how much love Hannah has for the lyrics in Just You Wait. The real emotion you can hear from Hannah throughout the song but the chorus is the most incredible. I love that Hannah isn't afraid to say what she thinks and the female empowerment shines through at all time which is incredible - girls are stronger when we speak than suffering in silence. Just You Wait is a song we have needed to hear. The female empowerment tells Men, Women are no pushovers and not to mess with us. Hannah's vocal range in Just You Wait is fabulous with the great control Hannah has throughout with every verse having a different kind of tone from Hannah.
Thank you, Hannah.

I am thrilled that Hannah has decided to go down this route, a fantastic choice and it shines throughout.

You can pre-order Hannah's Single Just You Wait here.

You can watch the video here.

Review by Kellie x