Welcome back to part 2 of 3 of this week's episodes... You can read Part 1 featuring Monday and Tuesday's episodes here.

Wednesday's episode was written by Bill Lyons and directed by Sean Healy.
Ahead of the episode tonight I am feeling rather anxious for Liv.
When Emmerdale previewed the spoiler clip, I have to admit I was rather shocked how uptight Lisa is and determined not to help Liv even though she knows deep down Liv is so sad and regrets everything!

The episode started at The Mill with a Robert, Aaron and Liv scene around the table where Aaron is looking rather stressed about everything that is going on and Robert is looking rather concerned about Aaron and Liv. It's clear that Aaron is broken with all the stress and worry about Liv. Liv is upset and very distraught over the whole situation she's in.
Liv: 'You going to work?'
Robert: 'No, I need to find a babysitter. Vic can't do it.'
Liv: 'I could look after Seb for you. I'm not gonna feed him ketamine if that's what you're worried about.'
Robert: 'No, I just thought you'd be at school, that's all.'
Liv: 'Aaron doesn't want me anywhere near Gabby today so maybe it's best I don't go in.'
Robert: 'You don't want to be getting in even more trouble.'
Liv: 'Double maths isn't on my list of priorities right now.'
Aaron: (coming in) 'You won't be going to school this morning anyway.'
Liv: 'See, so I can look after Seb.'
Aaron: 'I've just had a call from the police. They want me to bring you into the station.'
Liv: 'What, now? But I've already said I'm guilty.'
Robert: 'Did they say what it was about?'
Aaron: 'I guess we'll soon find out. Just said that she need an "appropriate adult" with her.'

The next scene we saw was the preview clip (see opening paragraph).
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Moments later there is a Dingle meeting and Chas is seen to be having a go at Lisa and she's being so honest and voicing her opinion on the situation. Before Aaron walks in after arriving back from the police station with Liv were she's been charged. Chas is still shouting and threatens Lisa out of anger. Aaron and Liv look rather shocked. Aaron and Liv's face say everything and you have to love Chas for her loyalty of wanting to stand by Liv. Lisa acting like Liv's the only person to have done this is beyond me, I have news for you other people have done this! Chas is the mother figure for Liv and I love their relationship. Thank you Chas for sticking up for her!
For me Robert and Chas are the only 2 people Aaron and Liv need at this hard time.
Chas: 'How'd it go?'
Aaron: 'Couldn't have gone much worse. They charged her with theft and administering a noxious substance.'
Chas: 'Well, that doesn't sound good.'
Liv: 'I've told them I'm pleading guilty.'
Sam: 'Are you going to stand by and watch her go down for this?'
Lisa: 'That's up to the court to decide! Her and Gabby are responsible for this mess.'
Chas: 'Yeah, but you're the one who can get her off the hook. So you know what, get down that station and do whatever it takes.'
Lisa: 'So why should I lie for her? Look what happened to me?'
Chas: 'Because if you don't, as far as I'm concerned, you are no longer part of this family!'
Lisa: 'So, I'd take the punishment for her crime? There's no point talking to any of you!'

First scene back after the break is back at the 'Dingle meeting', Chas is very hurt by Lisa's actions and it's obvious by her devastating reaction. Aaron's gutted and starting pleading Liv's case was just beautiful. Liv needs protecting from this situation more so and needs to be realised as a part of the Dingle family and treated as one of their own. I am so very sad that they are treating Liv in the way they are, she's not an insider like you are treating her.
Zak: 'We all just need to calm down.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, this stress ain't good for anyone.'
Chas: 'There'd be no stress if she kept it between us. (Belle comes in) She feeling too guilty to face us?'
Belle: 'Blaming mum isn't getting us anywhere.'
Chas: 'It is if it convinces her to help Liv.'
Lisa: 'I've got nothing to be ashamed of.'
Sam: 'Maybe we should take a vote. See what the family thinks should be done.'
Marlon: 'Voting won't change anything.'
Chas: 'The only thing that will do that is HER changing her statement. It is the easiest way to help Liv and then we can sort it out between us.'
Lisa: 'And if I don't, I get chucked out of the family. This isn't a meeting, it's a kangaroo court.'
Belle: 'Dad, what are you doing? You're meant to be speaking up for her.'
Sam: 'She's just a kid! She don't understand what being locked up'd do to her.'
Aaron: 'That's why the rest of us should look after her.'
Liv: 'I need some air.'
Aaron: 'I'll come with you.'
Liv: 'No, I need to be on my own for a while.' (leaves)
Aaron: 'Lisa, please. I don't care who's right or wrong any more. And I know I should've told you what she'd done. But I'm begging you, please. I'm begging you to do whatever you can to get Liv off.'

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I loved this simple scene in The Woolpack where Aaron and Robert are there. Aaron still worrying but the caring side comes out when Robert mentions Liv. Love that Aaron was nice to Rebecca (if it was last year it would have been so different so I thank you for the character development. Supportive Husband in Robert was lovely to see (it's the little details I like to see). Aaron Dingle is the kindest and loveliest man to exist. All bit I was sad about was that I would of liked to have seen Robert give Aaron a hug. 
Rebecca: 'Hey, what can I get you?'
Robert: 'I wasn't expecting to see you back there. Erm, we'll have...' 
Jimmy: 'Hang on. She can sort out my order first.'
Rebecca: 'Oh, I'm soo sorry, did I give you the wrong drink? I've done that a few times today.'
Jimmy: 'The pint's fine, you gave me the wrong change.'
Rebecca: 'Oh. (rushes to the till to get cash) Just take what's right.' 
Jimmy: 'No, you gave me too much.'
Rebecca: 'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I just got a bit flustered.'
Chas: 'Yeah. Being a barmaid means giving people what they ask for and TAKING their money, not PAYING them to drink.'
Rebecca: 'I suppose you're going to fire me now.'
Aaron: 'I hope not. It's nice to see you getting your life back together.'
Chas: 'You're the last person I'd expect to stick up for her.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, well, I think we've all had enough arguments for one day.'
Chas: 'I suppose we're all entitled to the odd mistake. (looks also to Robert) Don't make a habit of it.'
Rebecca: (turns back to Robert and Aaron) 'Thank you. So, what can I get you? It should probably be on me.'
Aaron: 'Thanks, but I think we might skip it.'
Robert: 'What's wrong?'
Aaron: 'I'm just still worried about Liv and Lisa's not budging.'
Robert: 'I thought you wanted to give Liv time to think? We have time for a pint.'

The second from last scene of the night came when Liv was standing at the side of The Woolpack alone and looking rather lost. Liv then sees Gabby walking past and goes after her and tells her that she's been charged. Bernice's shouting to them both is annoying the hell out of me now. Bernice needs to realise that Gabby is no saint in all of this. A broken Liv is feeling like she's no one but the sooner she realises she isn't the better. Liv deserves to be happy!
(Liv standing from a 'water' bottle before she starts walking) 'Gabby! Gabby. Look. I'm sorry for going mad at your mum yesterday.'
Gabby: 'It's all right, she drives me mad, too. I heard you were down at the police station again?'
Liv: 'Yeah. I really thought me owning up would let you off the hook but it didn't work out that way.'
Gabby: 'What happened?' (Bernice starts walking now to Gabby and Liv)
Liv: 'I've been charged with theft and ministering a noxious substance.'
Bernice: 'I can't take my eyes off you for, two minutes!'
Gabby: 'We are just talking'
Bernice: 'How many times have I told you to stay away from her? And you keep disobeying me. I don't want her getting you into more trouble.'
Liv: 'Don't blame her, I started talking to her.'
Bernice: 'I might have known it was your fault. Well, I'm pleased to hear the police are throwing the book at you. I hope they see sense and put you away for a long time because it's get you deserve.'
Gabby: 'Mum, can you just leave it?'
Bernice: 'Not until you start listening to what I say and stay away from her! Gabby, I'm only saying this for your own good. She might be willing to throw her life away but I want you to have a future. You need to make some new friends, respectable girls. Come on, it's time we went home. (starts to walk away before turning back around) If I find you are seeing her one more time, that is IT, young lady. (Liv wipes away her tears) No television, no phone.'

The final scene of the episode featuring Liv was when she was back in The Mill alone and looking for alcohol after she's looked around to see if anyone's home, then she starts to fill up her empty 'water bottle' up with vodka that she's found in The Mill cupboards. Liv please talk to someone about how you are feeling! Aaron wants to support you so please let him in instead of drinking in silence - he cares for you and loves you very much. Hope Liv gets the attention and care that she needs!

Final note on the episode was that Sean's attention to detail with the transition shoots especially the interior ones within the houses and in the Dingle's Yard - I love how you have a great eye for detail.

Thursday's 7pm episode was written by Jo Summerscales and directed by Sean Healy.
Having the voiceover lady before the episode saying 'Liv continues to spiral' - I was feeling rather worried.

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The first scene of the episode featuring Liv was in The Mill with Aaron. Aaron is worried about his little sister and what she is facing. But you have to love a domestic Robert walking down the stairs with a laundry basket thanks for the sarcastic comment. Aaron's facial expressions say it all. Liv's stressed and seems very distraught.
Can Robilivon just be happy. And can Liv please just let Aaron help her!
Aaron: 'Didn't school start like hours ago?'
Liv: 'Yeah, for people that care. Figured GCSEs aren't a fat lot of use in prison.'
Aaron: 'Right, are you really that stupid and short-sighted?'
Liv: 'Relax, I'm going in a minute. Anything to avoid the aggro.'
Aaron: 'Are you all right?'
Liv: 'Yeah, I'm just a bit ropey. There's a bug at school. See you later.'
Aaron: 'Hang on a minute. I'll be picking you up from school. I've made an appointment in town with some solicitors.'
Liv: 'Why?'
Robert: (coming down the stairs) 'Cos they make these really awesome cakes. Why do you think?'
Aaron: 'Liv, we need all the help we can get.'
Liv: 'I'm late, like you said.'
Aaron: 'Okay, tell you what, I'll just phone your mum, see if she can get through to you!'
Liv: 'Leave it!'
Robert: 'So let Aaron help you then.'
Liv: 'Why? I nearly killed Lisa. I'm not bothered about trying to worm my way out of this one. Just leave it.'

The next time we saw Liv is when she helps herself to a bottle of vodka from the delivery lorry outside The Woolpack as the Dingle's enter (Zak, Lisa, Belle along with Lachlan) to speak to Chas where Aaron and Robert are already there. With Chas mouthing off again, Lisa is starting to regret her decision, or is she?
Aaron looks perfect in that black t-shirt. I love that Robert is  now being included in Dingle business!
Zak: 'Right, now, then...'
Chas: 'Just like that, is it? All back to normal?'
Belle: 'Chas, come on.'
Lisa: 'Told you this was a bad idea.'
Zak: 'Look, we're here to invite you all round to ours, eh? To raise a glass to the house getting finished.'
Aaron: 'I'll ask Liv along as well, shall I? Sure, some banter and sausage rolls will take her mind off going to prison.'
Robert: 'This is obviously a delicate subject.'
Chas: 'If by delicate you mean ripping up the Dingle code and chucking it in the fire.'
Lisa: 'I didn't make that call lightly, Chas. I could've died.'
Chas: 'Yeah, but you didn't, though, did you? You're okay, thank God. But you knew that, when you dobbed Liv in.'
Lachlan: 'Lisa, why don't we just get a table, have a quiet drink?'
Lisa: 'No, thanks, I don't need a drink. I just need some time on my own.'

The final time in the episode we saw Liv was in The Dingle Yard where Liv is there drinking when she smashes the bottle of vodka she has been drinking with Lisa catching her. Liv breaks down and Liv admitting to Lisa about hearing Aaron say about her not being handle to handle prison has knocked her for six. Liv breaking down was so emotional and I was crying watching this. Liv needs protecting from this situation at all costs.
(Drinking alone in the alleyway, Liv smashes the vodka bottle and cuts her hand on the broken pieces)
Liv: 'Ow!'
Lisa: 'Liv! Liv! What are you doing, you sill girl?'
Liv: 'Being silly.'
Lisa: 'Who'd you been drinking with?'
Liv: 'No-one. I've got no mates.'
Lisa: 'Right, I'm gonna phone Aaron.'
Liv: 'No, no, you can't! I've already messed up enough. Let's just keep this between me and you, please, Lisa.'
Lisa: 'You're only 16, love.'
Liv: 'I'm going to jail. I'm hardly a kid. (Liv's in pain from her hand) And you know what I'm capable of anyway.'
Lisa: 'You're brighter than this.'
Liv: 'Knowing what you deserve it doesn't stop you being scared, does it? I've seen Aaron in prison and what happened to my dad. Aaron doesn't think I can hack it. I heard him say it. What if I totally freak out and I can't hack it? (Sobbing in)

Final mention on this episode is on Jo's writing was beautiful - it featured the perfect amount of emotional wording, sarcastic comments and focusing on characters for the perfect amount of time.
Isobel's nailing this storyline and all the emotional scenes Isobel is being incredible with!

Thursday's 8pm episode was written by Chris Gill and directed by Sean Healy.

The first scene of the episode featuring Liv was in the café with Lisa talking about Lisa catching her with alcohol and Liv feeling like she's always letting people down especially Aaron. Liv you are not a failure, remember that!
(Lisa and Liv enter together) Lisa: 'Rodney, are you still open?'
Rodney: 'Come in, come in. Relax. Chill out. Mi casa, su casa. Or, my café your café.'
Jai: 'If he mentions Misty, run.'
Lisa: 'Just popped in for a couple of coffees.'
Rodney: 'Yeah, take a load off. I will bring them over.'
Lisa: (both sat down together) 'Now, then. Please tell me this isn't a habit. And don't lie to me.'
Liv: 'No! Honestly, Lise, it's... It's just stupid. I was upset and I was wound up. I just wanted it to go away.'
Lisa: 'So you drank yourself daft?'
Liv: 'Are you going to tell Aaron?'
Lisa: 'He should know. I mean, what if he found out and I haven't told him?'
Liv: 'He's just gonna say that I've let him down again. Lise, I keep doing it? How long before he's sick of me?'
Lisa: 'That's not gonna happen. He's your brother and he loves you.'
Liv: 'But I'm a failure. I always have been and... people like me, we always will be.'
Lisa: 'Don't say that.'
Liv: 'You can't tell him, Lise! Please!'

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The next scene of the episode was in The Mill where Aaron was in the kitchen when Robert walks in and they start talking about Liv. I love that Robert is being super supportive towards Aaron with the whole Liv situation. Liv then returns home with Lisa. Lisa is then seen wanting to talk to Aaron but Lisa stands her ground and Aaron decides to listen when Lisa reveals she's gonna drop the charges against her. Lisa is finally seeing sense. And about time too!
Aaron: 'Yes, I'm cooking, yes, I know it's weird.'
Robert: 'No, it's the bloke that's doing the cooking that makes it weird.'
Aaron: 'It's for Liv. I just want to make things normal for her, you know, get an actual routine in her life. So from now on, I'm gonna cook, we're all gonna sit down, we're gonna eat, we're gonna talk.'
Robert: 'And whose idea of 'normal' is that?'
Aaron: 'I can't keep making it up as I go along, can I? She got herself on a path I don't want her on. I need to get her off it.'
Robert: 'What, by making lasagne? Aaron, you're a great brother. And nobody knows that more than Liv.' (Liv and Lisa are coming in)
Aaron: 'What are you doing here?'
Lisa: 'I wanted to talk to you.'
Aaron: (sees Liv's bandage) 'What's happened?'
Lisa: 'Oh, she had an accident. It's nothing. I picked her up.'
Aaron: 'All right. Cheers. Bye.'
Lisa: 'Er, no, I'm not going until you've heard what I've got to say. I'm going to withdraw my statement and I'm gonna do my best to make sure the charges against her are dropped.'

The final scene of the episode featuring Liv was when she was around at Zak and Lisa's house with Chas, Aaron and Robert everyone is happy to be together with no arguments. Chas is thrilled whilst Liv is also happy about being there. that is until Aaron receives a phone call that happens to be the police. The next part of the scene when Aaron revealed to everyone that Liv is still being charged for what she did to Lisa and that the court hearing is tomorrow. How will Liv cope? But I do love that Aaron, Robert and the other Dingles will be there for sure!
Lisa: 'Come in, come in. I hope you're hungry.'
Chas: 'Now that's what I call a warm welcome.'
Robert: 'Warmer than yesterday.'
Chas: 'Right, am I gonna get a tour of this new kitchen this time?'
Lisa: 'Yeah, Zak was going to get me a new kitchen, but it ended up being something a bit more vintage.'
Chas: 'Well, I'm feeling more vintage every day. Look at this.'
Robert: 'It's a nice bit of avocado.'
Chas: 'Yeah.'
Aaron: 'Easy access to the new bar, eh, Zak?'
Zak: 'Ooh, can't get easy enough, son. Tell them what else I got you.'
Lisa: 'Yeah, well, a dishwasher.'
Chas: 'Oh.'
Zak: 'Yeah, a dishwasher. Now all I've got to do is stop her washing the pots before she puts them in there.'
Chas: 'You really know how to spoil a lady, don't you, Zak? Actually, erm, do you want us to take our shoes off?'
Zak: 'Of, I'm in trouble if she does.'
Aaron: (his phone rings) 'Sorry, that's me.'
Liv: 'You don't have to answer it.'
Aaron: 'I do if it's about you. (answers it) Hello?'
Lisa: 'Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for coming.'
Chas: 'Well, no, it should be us thanking YOU, really, for withdrawing your statement. It won't be forgotten, ever. Will it, kid?'
Liv: 'No, it won't.'
Lisa: 'It shouldn't have taken so long.'
Chas: 'Maybe we could have all dealt with things a bit differently, you know, better, maybe.'
Zak: 'Well, done now. So why don't we crack open a few cans?'
Aaron: 'I'd put them on hold if I were you.'
Robert: 'That doesn't sound good.'
Aaron: 'That's cos it's not. That was your solicitor on the phone. CPS still want to charge you. The hearing's tomorrow.'

I love that the episode ended with a lovely Roblivion scene - love how they rally around each other and love each other!

Emmerdale are really good at the sensitive storylines and especially this one with Liv. They really know how to use Isobel and her talents.
Chris your writing is amazing as always, thank you for another wonderful episode!

Special mentions

This week's episode have shown us how INCREDIBLE Isobel Steele is. Isobel's going some strength to strength and I am super proud of her and how fabulous she is. Isobel is smashing her scenes and I know she will continue. Fingers Crossed for a British Soap Award Nomination in a matter of weeks with the longlist!
Danny Miller works so well with Isobel that their scenes together are magic. He's the greatest people and Isobel is learning so much every time they work together.


You can watch the episode clips here.

Review by Kellie x