Earlier today at C2C, I managed to catch the insanely talented trio that is The Adelaides were they performed on the NY-LON Stage and what an amazing but short set it was.
Having seen them at their debut show as a band to now I am extremely proud and their fan base is growing day by day and it's wonderful to see!

Photo from twitter

The Adelaides started their set at the NY-Lon were they were doing an original set and the first song they performed was No Survivors which Alicia started followed by Paris within a few lines and then Abi joined in on the chorus and the three of them together with their vocals and chemistry on stage are fabulous! They definitely know how their voice gel and who’s vocals suit what parts within the song! Their second song they performed was my favourite of there's What Your Heart Would Say and Alicia’s vocals started and they were amazing and once Abi and Paris joined it was incredible! This song was me is emotional and the I love that you can create your own message from the song. I have to I am so glad I got to hear that song in such an intimate venue with the audience appreciating it! And the final song from the girls was Jelly Baby which is a funky and upbeat song and when Abi announced and said if you think you know what it's about and you are right, made me laugh and people literally knew what the song was about. Loved that everyone was listening to them throughout their whole set and appreciated them and their songs.

I just wish their set was longer than just 3 songs.

Review by Kellie x