Happy Friday!

Blue Genes made up of 3 singers Stephen, Megan and Kay Lee who also wrote all the songs on their EP. The EP is called Named & Shamed which features 6 songs which will be out next Thursday (29th March). Named & Shamed was produced by Stephen and Nino Errico.

'There is something very unique about Blue Genes'

Dime A Dozen starts off with great harmonizes with the instrumental starting shortly after. It's very country and I love that they have thought about every little detail, it shows. With great vocal range shown with the highs and lows throughout. The super upbeat sound you get within the song is just rather special especially with their catchy chorus and lyrics throughout.

As Long As I Breathe has soft sounding harmonizes to start with Stephen’s tone blending in with the girls amazingly followed by the guitar solo from Stephen before the vocals returns. As Long As I Breathe is one of those songs that makes you connect with your emotions songs like this are rare and very unique. With a beautiful chorus which everyone gets their chance to sing and what makes it more special is that they know what parts to let each other shine in. The musical solo near the end breaks the song down followed by slightly more upbeat vocals with harmonizes at the end.
Megan's stunning vocals shine throughout - the vocal range and tone within her voice is beautiful.

Girlfriend is a quirky sounding song and it's great. Beautiful solo vocals from Megan to start with all 3 of them joining in on the chorus and throughout. The lyrics are beautiful with great story-telling that you can tell is very honest and open because it gets you thinking at times you wouldn't expect. The use of different instruments is very clever and are clearly thought about for different parts of the song.

Not The Only Girl is a much softer sounding with a beautiful guitar instrumental from Stephen - which makes it beautiful only seconds in. Kay's lead vocals are very soulful with the emotion coming from the heart and it shines throughout. Towards the first chorus the vocal range gets higher from Kay which is great and Kay has great control within her voice. Beautiful harmonizers from Stephen and Megan when they join in. Not The Only Girl is a song most of us can relate too one way or another with the last verse being the most beautiful. Not The Only Girl is my favourite of the EP.

Right Now has simple but beautiful tune with once again another guitar solo from Stephen. With Megan taking on lead vocals for this song it has a soulful sound and I love that Megan's vocals work for the direction of the song. When Kay and Stephen join Megan with harmonizes it's wonderful. Right Now contains some meaningful lyrics with Megan's great range of vocals its incredible.

Shalalala Love Song has a super wonderful instrumental to start. Megan's on shared vocal with Kay  which suits both for them for the very sassy sound which the song give off. Shalalala is an incredible anthem. Shalalala Love Song is an upbeat and dancing sounding which is very different to every other song on this EP. Shalalala Love Song is a song that once again shines Megan, Kay and Stephen's fantastic harmonizers. The super catchy chorus had me singing along at times. With another wonderful solo from Stephen this time on the electric guitar towards the end of the song. Shalalala Love Song is definitely my second favourite song.

This EP is one, I can't wait to have on repeat! Love that Megan and Kay's vocal compliment each other so beautifully. Thank you for letting us review this for you!

Review by Kellie x