Happy Wednesday!

Beth Keeping has a new single 'Strangers In The Same City' coming out this Friday (23rd March).

Strangers In The Same City is an upbeat pop-country track about what it feels like to break up with someone in a city eg London which can huge and yet seem tiny at the same time. When you end a relationship with someone who isn't in your social circle you never know whether you'll bump into them tomorrow or never see them again.

Strangers In The Same City was recorded in Nashville with Tommy Harden from Lost Hollow produced it and sings the male counterpart backing vocal.
Strangers In The Same City is Beth's second single from her debut EP 'Fool' due out on Friday 20th April.
Within the music video, Beth wanted to showcase London in all it's glory but also show how easy it can be in a city with 8 million other people yet still feel so alone.
Beth shot Strangers In The Same City with film maker Gareth Kay when it was about -2 but we were lucky enough to capture a stunning sunset over Tower Bridge and the Thames.

The music video for 'Strangers In The Same City' came out last week and you can watch it here.

Written by Kellie x