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I was just going to leave with just the reuniting but I thought as so much of you enjoyed the blog from last night's reunion I'd do one on tonight's episode.

Tonight's episode was written by Sarah Bagshaw and directed by Ian Barber.
I hope that the rings are back on within the next hour. I am also hoping that tonight we get a Robert, Aaron and Liv scene in The Mill.

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The first scene of the episode featuring Robert and Aaron was when they were in The Mill with Robert looking for his keys within the sofa. The moment when Robert got the rings out of his wallet was just perfect and moving but even more emotional was the moment when they put on each others rings. ARGH! I am so thrilled - the cuteness overload left me dying inside a little for the adorableness of it all (I can't lie). Love how Liv was mentioned within their chat and they want to put her feelings first.
Aaron: 'Looking for something?' (wriggles Robert's keys)
Robert: 'Yeah, I... I heard Liv go to school. Thought I'd left them down here last night.'
Aaron: 'Well, you didn't. And, erm... (offers a key)... welcome home.'
Robert: 'You know, erm... (gets the rings out of his wallet) ...ever since you gave me this back, I've kept them close.'
Aaron: 'You think it's time they went back on?'
Robert: 'I think so. (they put the rings back on each other <3) So, erm... what do we tell Liv?'
Aaron: 'The truth. And we both do it. Together.' (KISS)

The next scene featured Robert when Liv entered thinking it was Aaron aha. Liv entering telling Robert to leave which leads Robert telling Liv that him and Aaron back together were wonderful and I loved that Robert was open and made me realise how much I have missed Robert and Liv scenes.
Robert: (cooking in the kitchen, the door opens) 'Couldn't keep away, eh?'
Liv: 'What are you doing here?'
Robert: 'You're not supposed to be back yet.'
Liv: 'Where's Aaron? What's wrong?'
Robert: 'Nothing. Erm... me and Aaron, we... we're back together.'

Moments later, Liv and Robert are seen talking with Liv giving Robert a hard speech about what he did to Aaron and its wonderful to see how much Liv cares about Aaron along with his happiness! Liv opening up to Robert was adorable and something I admire for her. Robert realises how gutted she was when Aaron and him broke up first time but I don't thing Robert will be making that mistake again.
Liv: 'Alex is great. You know, he talked me through all the bad stuff. The stuff you'd have known about if you've given a toss.'
Robert: 'I never stopped caring about you, Liv.'
Liv: 'And you get Aaron to dump him for you? Even though you'll dump him the second you find another woman to get pregnant?'
Robert: 'I messed up, right? I won't do it again. I love him, Liv.'
Liv: 'I loved you. Like a brother. Me, you and Aaron, we were solid. We were a family.'
Robert: 'I was stupid and selfish. I... I broke everything. I'm sorry.'
Liv: 'I needed you. And... you just weren't here anymore.'
Robert: 'Liv, I promise you, I'm going nowhere. You're like a sister to me. I love you. And I'll never let you down again. I really wanna make this work, Liv. I'll do whatever it takes. Please. Please, just... let me make it right.'

Few scenes later, Aaron is in The Woolpack where he is seen telling Chas, Paddy and Charity that he is back with Robert since last night. love that Aaron is being so open about it and doesn't have to hide he's happiness from them. Chas' line to Aaron was beautiful and heartfelt. Chas being happy for Aaron and that's it's he's happiness made Aaron smile and with that it made me smile which I loved. I have missed a smiley Aaron. 
Chas: 'So... you're back with Robert.'
Charity: 'Wait, he left with that chef -'
Aaron: 'Well, he ended up with me last night, all right? We're together and it's what I want.'
Chas: 'Well, the heart wants what it wants...'
Aaron: 'Seriously?'
Charity: 'Surely that's the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing, expecting a different result.'
Chas: 'You're an adult, love. Who you fall in love with is none of my business.'
Cain: 'Since when?'
Chas: 'Look, I'm happy if you're happy.'
Paddy: 'Actually, if you're happy, we're all happy.'
Charity: 'I think you're very brave. Not many blokes would take on another fella's kid.'  
Aaron: 'I'm not brave. I'm just... happy.'
Paddy: 'It's a good job, then. Cos you're about to say goodbye to your entire social life.' (laughs)

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Back in The Mill, Robert and Liv are seen running around the kitchen when Aaron enters which Liv and Robert start laughing about when Aaron is concerned - love the joke they can have a joke together. Aaron thrilled to see Liv happy about him and Robert being back together which is just amazing to watch. Liv's words to Robert she isn't joking about but Aaron soon makes her laugh and smile leading to the first Robilivon hug of the 2018 reunion!! Which came at a perfect timing!
Liv: (Chasing Robert with a pan) 'I hate you, Robert! You're scum!'
Robert: 'Liv, don't!'
Liv: 'You'll regret coming back here!'
Aaron: 'What's going on?'
Liv: (laughing) 'I'm joking.'
Robert: 'I told her about us. I didn't have a choice, she walked in on me and the chicken. I was -'
Aaron: 'We didn't want you to find out like that. We were both gonna sit you down and talk you through it.'
Liv: 'Well, there's no need. We've had the chat.'
Aaron: 'Well, it's what we both want.'
Liv: 'I'm sorry Alex is gone. He was great. But I am happy he's back.'
Aaron: 'And you're not... winding me up?'
Robert: 'She said she's gonna give me another chance. But I'm still on probation.'
Aaron: 'So... we're good?'
Liv: 'We're good.'
Robert: 'So that's one down.'
Aaron: 'Well, I've already told my mum.'
Robert: 'And ruined her birthday?'
Aaron: 'I thought she was gonna go off on one but actually she didn't seem that bothered.'
Robert: 'How many's she had?'
Liv: 'Well, if she's not gonna do it, then I will. Look after him. Love him. But mess him around again and you'll have me to deal with. All right?' (they all laugh)
Aaron: 'You're so hard! (ROBLIVION HUG!)

The final scene at The Mill along with Robert and Aaron putting their rings back on each other were definite highlights of tonight's episodes for me!

Robilivon are definitely back and on wonderful form which I am extremely excited about with wonderful scenes to come within the next few months.
It shines through how much Isobel, Danny and Ryan love working together within their scenes together which is incredibly wonderful to watch.
The attention to detail from Sarah with the episode was great and taken from Maxine's episode was just fabulously beautiful.

You can enjoy the scenes again if you want here


Written by Kellie x


  1. This was grate to read and I was sO happy about how they started the episode with there rings being put on and the hug at the end was just what I wanted to x

    1. Thank you so much for reading Anais. Like always I really appreciate your feedback.


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