Happy Thursday!

Tomorrow (Friday 9th February), Vic Allen is releasing her second single 'Quit' from her new EP due out later this year. Being a big supporter of Vic, I am very excited to be reviewing her latest single.

I love how Quit sounds very simply and beautiful with a guitar solo to start. Vic's vocals are much softer and you can really hear the lyrics with the emotion coming through. The chorus is super catchy and I love songs that make you wanna sing along whether you know the lyrics or not. Also within the chorus the lyrics are the most relatable (for me!) and a little upbeat than the rest of the song for me. The second verse features some heart-warming lyrics throughout (caught myself with tears from the lyrics feeling emotional! but in a good way ha) The bridge is just super beautiful and simply unique!
Quit shows off Vic's voice incredibly well and you catch yourself singing along. Perfect for a spring road trip.


Your new single Quit could you tell us what it's about? It's about a relationship I was in where we had both just given up on each other. We weren't really in love anymore but we were still together and so the song is about knowing when it's time to end something that's not right. 

I am intrigued to know how look did it take you to write Quit?
I wrote it a while ago and can't completely but I don't remember it taking too long! I think it was one of those songs that comes quite easily (they're my favourite kind!!).

Your song-writing is just incredible and with such a relatable song the lyrics are perfect.

What made you decide that Quit was going to be on the EP?
Thanks!!! I knew I wanted something upbeat on the EP and a lot of people had told me that they really liked Quit and wanted me to record it. So it seemed like an obvious choice.

Thank you so much for your time, Vic.
Thank you!!

You can download Vic's single Quit here
Watch the video for Quit here

Review & Interview by Kellie