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Orfila awhile ago spoke to me about their new EP 'Built A Dreamer's Hand' and here is the interview is.

Hello Orfila, I hope you are well. Thank you for agreeing to this interview with us about your EP and plans for 2018.

First of all I have to say what an EP 'Built With A Dreamer's Hand' is.
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

I have to ask what was the writing process for all the songs like?
Our writing processes do differ from song to song but generally we write songs individually and then take the songs to the other two members of the band who will then add their own input and ideas. With this record we continued with the same process. Matt wrote "It's A Start", Lou wrote "Reaching Out To You" and Matt and Abi co-wrote "Snow, Rain and Hurricane" but we all had creative input on all of the tracks. It's great because when you're writing a song you have a specific idea of what you want it to be like but when you present the song to the other members of the band you often get a completely different interpretation. The song can sometimes become something you never thought it would be but can turn out better than you ever envisaged.

Also have to ask how long did it take you to record the EP? And what was recording it like?
It took us all together about 6 days. One day of laying down the guides, one to lay down bass and drums, one laying down all the guitars, one for fiddle and piano and the last two days on  vocals. Recording was so much fun and we are always making jokes and puns galore, we love hearing our songs coming to life and getting all sorts of fantastic musicians involved. Paul West, our engineer, producer and drummer was just fantastic. Such a good guy and an absolute visionary. We had our ideas for the record and it was great for him to execute them but also for him to offer some creative input to really lift the tracks. It was quite special to see someone come up with all these amazing ideas on the spot. He really helped enhance this record and made it better than we ever thought. This EP was also our favourite to record as there are only 3 tracks which meant we could really focus on each song individually to get them absolutely right.

Please can you tell us a little bit about each song please?
Matt: I wrote It's A Start about heartbreak and the different ways that people deal with it. The story is about someone who is trying to heal their broken heart by drinking their problems away. Deep down the character knows that this is not a constructive way of dealing with their pain but is so desperate that they will try anything to stop hurting. It's quite a sad song really but also has a silver lining: the character is proud of taking the first step on the road to recovery, even if it's through the a questionable method.
Abi: Snow Rain and a Hurricane was written at a song writing weekend Matt and I got as a gift for Christmas. We went to this workshop and got given a task to write a song about different aspects of a wedding. Matt and I teamed up and wrote a song about how the couple met. As we had completed the task and still had a day left we got given another task to write a song about the wedding day and we saw this as a opportunity to write this one as a bit of fun. This song became Snow Rain and a Hurricane...little did we know we preferred this song over the first one.
Louise: Reaching Out to You is a song that can apply to different situations and to different people in different ways. I guess mainly it's about coming together after a falling out and offering an olive branch as well as incorporating ideas of forgiveness and letting the past go. People make mistakes and you can't change the past but you can shape the future.  It's also the track which features the line "built with a dreamer's hand" which became the title to the EP.

Everything about this EP is magical.

Whilst we have you could I  ask you about your plans for 2018? We are constantly writing and coming up with ideas of things we would like to do. We are going to be playing at some really awesome festivals throughout 2018 and there's lots of exciting things in the pipeline! We are hoping to get to Nashville again sometime this year too. Watch this space!

Please say they'll be more music and tour dates?
Absolutely, we have a lot of gigs lined up for 2018 already and all three of us are always writing and being creative.

Interview by Kellie x