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Few weeks ago the Country2Country pop up artists were announced and Days Are Done are apart of the amazing line-up. I was very lucky to have done a little interview with them about what they are looking forward too of their time at the festival!

Hello Emmy and Adam, I have to start with saying a Massive Congratulations on being selected for C2C London 2018!
Thanks! We actually can't believe we were selected. A big thank you to the guys at C2C for booking us.

Are you excited about performing to a lot of Country Music fans at the O2?
Absolutely! We love playing live whatever the circumstance - but this should be especially fun. And the Country Music community here have been really welcoming to us! Its funny cause its like we've come full circle. A few years ago we were in another very different band, it wasn't working out & we randomly booked a trip to Nashville. The night we went to the Grand Ole Opry was life changing for us. Who knew less than 2 years later we'd be performing live on WSM in Nashville (who own The Opry) & playing C2C!

I have to admit, I am super excited about hearing you live.
Thanks so much! We love writing songs and getting in the studio, but playing live is what it's all about. Its how all our songs start off!

Are you excited at the chance of getting meet your fans and talking to bloggers face to face?
100%! We'll make sure we get our stage times up asap - the more people we get to say hello to the better! I know you were at Maren Morris a few months back & we missed you then so we're looking forward to meeting you  & all the other bloggers & Country fans who have been so nice to us & accepting of what we're doing & are so quick to embrace music with any kind of Country influence.

Are you ready for the weekend of your lives?
Haha! We've got a friend who has been to C2C and she was very much ''woah, it's crazy! You guys are gonna have a blast!" So we're kind of expecting a little craziness!

What can we expect from your set? Any covers?
Oh yes! We're working on a very special cover right now especially for C2C! We might even have a little video too so stay tuned. We'll definitely be playing Never Let You Go

And, I have to ask please say you'll be playing brand new music?
Sooooo much of it! We're demoing up lots of new songs & in the process of playing them out at the moment. Can't wait to share them all at C2C.

I am personally, very happy that you are going to be performing.
Thank you for your time, see you in March.

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Interview by Kellie x