Happy Thursday!

Few weeks ago the Country2Country pop up artists were announced and Holloway Road are once again apart of the amazing line-up. I was very lucky to have done a interview with them about what they are looking forward too of their time at the festival!

Hello Holloway Road, I have to start with saying a Massive Congratulations on being selected for C2C London 2018!
Thank you very much. we cant wait to come back and play for you all.

Are you happy to be returning once again? (Holloway Road appeared last year and were great!)
Of course! It's always a highlight for us. 

Are you excited about performing to a lot of Country Music fans at the O2?
Hell yes! Country music fans are the best on the planet.

Can't wait to see you perform once again as your energy on stage is fabulous!

Thank you. Its quite the work out haha.

Are you excited at the chance of getting meet your fans and talking to bloggers face to face?
Always. We love meeting the fans and it always gives us a chance to thank them all face to face to say how amazing they have been over the years.

Are you ready for the weekend of your life once again?
Absolutely. Its a mental one full of performances and press but we wouldn't have it any other way.

What can we expect from your set? Any covers?

Lots of energy in the full band set as always and just good old fashioned fun!
No covers, I'm afraid.

And, I have to ask please say you'll be playing brand new music?
That we will. We are looking to split the sets 50/50 with old and brand new material.

I am personally, happy that you are going to be performing.
That's awesome. Glad we could be of service.

Thank you for your time, Holloway Road. See you in March.
See you then and thank you for having us!

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Interview by Kellie x