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It’s been recently announced that Clara Bond will in fact be returning to Country 2 Country in London for the second year running. I was very lucky to have been able to interview her...

So Clara, I have to start with saying a Massive Congratulations on being selected to come back to C2C London for another year!

Thanks so much! Honestly I’m so happy to be coming back - it’s such an unbelievably fun festival. I love C2C! It’s like having the whole family back home for Christmas.

Talking of C2C, I have a few questions for you 😊 What was it look performing in the O2 on the Pop Up Stages? And how amazing was it to see so many country music fans all under one roof?
It was so heart-warming. One thing I have always loved about Country music is the family that everyone is a part of. That first performance last year on the Big Entrance Stage was weirdly so emotional for me. There was something about looking out into a crowd singing my songs back to me, and the way the sound echoed around the dome was pretty special.

You performed your debut EP last year, how was it to perform them to so many people discovering you?
That’s the truly brilliant thing about the pop-up stages at C2C! It’s an amazing opportunity for new and emerging artists to reach new fans. I love the idea that you could be walking past a stage and accidentally discover your next musical obsession.

Please say one or two of them will make it into this year's set?
Time permitting, we’ll be performing all of the Out of Towners EP!

Did you enjoy getting the chance to meet so many of your fans and talking to bloggers face to face?
I think that was one of my favourite parts of the festival. I loved meeting everyone! I love meeting the bloggers face to face. When you finally meet for the first time it already feels like you've known them forever because you've spent so long chatting over social media! It was quite overwhelming seeing so many people holding my EP that they had bought at the merch stand. You spend so long writing and hiding away in the studio producing the songs, you’re almost surprised when it actually turns into a physical EP!

Now, to talk about your 2018 plans and set ideas - Are you excited to be returning? And maybe seeing some familiar faces again?
So excited! Not only to see familiar faces in the audience, but also so many of my favourite artists and friends on stage! Honestly, it’s just the most amazing few days.

What can we expect from your set? Any covers?
I love adding a cover into my set. My band and I are in the middle of deciding the cover as we speak. We’ve had a couple of ideas so far, but really my goal would be to take a non-country song and to make it country. That would be so fun - I want something upbeat I can Dad-dance to.

And, I have to ask please say you'll be playing brand new music?
We’ll be performing a cheeky new single which will be released very soon, but I wrote it before C2C last year, so we actually performed it last year too. I may very well be performing some brand spanking new songs too...

I am personally, VERY EXCITED that you have been asked back and I can't wait to see you perform once again.
Thank you for your time, see you in March.
See you in March.

You can catch Clara on Friday 9th on the Big Entrance Stage and Saturday 10th on the Water Margin and Busking Stage.

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Interview by Kellie