Sonia Leigh on Friday 12th January released her brand new EP 'Mad Hatter' thanks to her kick start supporters. Mad Hatter is made up on 11 songs that you will need to listen to them with an open heart.

Waste The Day has a very rocky feel to start which turns softer after a few seconds but I love that the drums stay throughout (softer feeling drumming). Sonia's vocals are of a softer tone with edgy feel within. The chorus of Waste The Day is just fantastic and the instrumental used are wonderfully.
What a song! I love it!

Sky Submarine starts with rocky feel from the drums and guitar. Sonia's edgy and higher sounding vocals that get louder nearing the end of the song. The lyrics in Sky submarine are lovely throughout but this song for me that it will a grower I am sure.

Mad Hatter has softer instrumentals being used that are soon to turn edgy and very rocky (but in a good way) after a few moments of starting but I LOVE it (really suits the song)!! The Mad Hatter lyrics seem sad but it's a song that gets you thinking and these songs are very rare and magical!

Walking In The Moonlight is a very quirky sounding song and once Sonia's vocals start after 30 seconds it's wonderful. The lyrics are amazing and very well thought of whilst being very catchy. Walking In The Moonlight is a song I caught myself singing along too along with dancing towards the end. Super magical feel in the middle that takes you to a different world.

Diamond In The Desert is a softer and quirky sound to start which turns rocky when Sonia's vocals start and I love that Sonia isn't afraid to be yourself through this album. The chorus of Diamond In The Desert and the instruments you hear throughout are suited to the song nothing feels rushed.

Acid Rain has with a simple hand hold guitar before it turns to an electric one. Acid Rain is very rocky and the lyrics are very dark. With Sonia's sharp vocals which I love especially as it's just a sad sounding song that once again gets you thinking. And, finally I loved the guitar changes throughout as the tune changes makes it wonderful.

Shelter is a very different kind of songs with softer and much slower sounding tune and vocals from Sonia - what a difference! Shelter is very catchy and you catch yourself joining in. Shelter uses a great use of guitar and drum sounds. Sonia's great vocal range is shown. One of my favourites.

N.Y.C. has an extremely rocky feel to start the song off with the drums. The lyrics are catchy in the chorus and you can't help but sing along too! The chorus is definitely my favourite part of this song and I love that it makes you stop and think about New York City because of the lyrics. Sonia's edgy vocals throughout were fabulous.

Jack Is Back starts with a softer edgy, rocky feel which I love sets the scene for the song - you definitely have to have an open mind for this song! With Sonia's softer vocals you can create your own story. But the end of the song, I was singing along it took me a while to get into the song so it's definitely a grower, don't give up on this song!

Dead Man's Sunrise has a much softer sound to start Dead Man's Sunrise - great use of many different instruments. Sonia's vocals aren't so rocky in this song which I love because it shows Sonia has a great use of vocal range. Dead Man's Sunrise lyrics get us thinking and one that you definitely need to be given time to get used too - listen it this song with an open heart because it's a very different kind of song!

Mind On The Prize is back to the edgy style to end the album of amazingly! Sonia's vocals are of a darker sound with the lyrics getting us thinking and taking us to a different world. The chorus of Mind On The Prize is very catchy with lots of fading in and out. Mind On The Prize reminds me of James Bond style theme tune and this is magical.

You can buy Mad Hatter here

Review by Kellie