Happy Thursday!

Today, I bring you my review on a new artist to us, Beth Keeping who's new single is out TOMORROW (1.12.17). Beth's new single is a pop-country track which was recorded in Nashville and the first single for her debut album out in Early 2018.

'Dodged a Bullet' has a very dark instrumental at the start and throughout the song with extremely dark lyrics based on a previous dark relationship had. The chorus lyrics are based on a battle that you don't expect to be in when you are in a relationship with someone you don't expect to 'dodge a bullet' aha. The second verse's opening line 'You wanted me' is the lyric that gave me a little tear because they were being lied too and then not realising it, but it's also the verse that hits me the most as is seems to be the point where they start to realise what's happening.

'Dodged a Bullet' is a very eye opening track with great meaningful lyrics that make you want to re-think any relationship! And I love that 'Dodged a Bullet' is based on past experience, and than about becoming older and wiser because of the experience

You can watch the video here.

Review by Kellie x