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I am SO excited to finally be doing this blog especially as Isobel Steele is back on screen after her break to do her GCSEs. The amount of people that have missed Liv and Aaron's relationship over the past few months. Can't wait for the drama Liv is going to be bringing with her.
Ahead of Liv's return tonight, I am very excited. Isobel is such an amazingly talented young actress and one character a lot of us love because she always speaks the truth. Excited for what's to come next for Liv.

Thursday's 7pm episode was written by Chris Gill and directed by Tim Finn.

The first time in the episode when we saw either Aaron or Liv was when Aaron was with Adam at The Mill playing on the Xbox/ ps4 together. Love the fact that Aaron is always there for Adam and helping him through everything! Then Aaron received a phone call from his mum saying that Liv's has gone missing. The Mill is in a right state, clearly it's not being looked after - come on Aaron!
Adam: 'Mate, are you sure these settings are right? It can't be HD.'
Aaron: 'It's not the settings, it's your eyes, you're getting old.'
Adam: 'They're that bad, I didn't see the mess. I just fell over it instead.'
Aaron: 'I like the place to look lived in.'
Adam: 'By what? Pigs?'
Aaron: 'You've been around women too long, you. Stop moaning, we've awarded ourselves the day off. We've got bacon, virtual reality... we're living the dream, mate.'
Adam: 'Well, I just want to see the dream a bit better. (Aaron's phone rings) Good job the sound is on, it'd be like finding a needle in a stack of pizza boxes.'
Aaron: 'Hello? Mum? What? Well, where is she?'

The second time we saw Aaron was when he want to Laurel to ask if she can phone Gabby, Laurel explains about the time difference - Aaron's worried about Liv now that she is missing!
Aaron: 'Hiya, sorry.'
Laurel: 'Hi.'
Aaron: 'It's just, do you know... Do you know if Gabby spoken to Liv? Have you spoken to her today?'
Laurel: 'Yeah, I spoke to her this morning our time. But she never said anything about Liv. What, is she okay?'
Aaron: 'She's gone missing. My mum can't find her. You couldn't get hold of Gabby now, see if she's said anything to her?'
Laurel: 'Well, it's the middle of the night over there. She's probably asleep. But I can leave a message of speak to her first thing.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, thanks, just let us know if you hear anything. I'll see ya later.'
Laurel: 'Yeah. I hope Liv's okay.'

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The final time, we saw Aaron was when he was packing a bag ready to go on a plane and see if he can find Liv but just as Aaron goes to leave Liv arrives at the door. GLAD LIV IS BACK, WE'VE MISSED HER!!
Adam: 'Mate, come on, this is mad. What are you gonna do when you get there?'
Aaron: 'Try and find her.'
Adam: 'Aaron, I know you're worried, right.'
Aaron: 'She told my mum she's staying at her mate's house for the night. She calls this mate's mum, she know nothing about it. She's not answering her phone, nobody's seen her. So worried doesn't come close.'
Adam: 'By the time you're on the ferry, odds are she'll be home, grounded forever.'
Aaron: 'What if she's not? I can't just do nothing, Adam, she's my sister.'
Adam: 'Maybe she's got a boyfriend you don't know about. Maybe she slept there...'
Aaron: 'Stop talking, mate, you're making it worse. You let yourself out. I'll pick the keys up in a bit.
Adam: 'Now, hold on, I'll come with you.'
Aaron: 'No, look after the scrapyard. Thanks, anyway. I'll see you in a bit.' (Aaron opens door and Liv is standing there)
Liv: 'Surprise.'

Thursday's 8pm episode was written by Chris Gill and directed by Tim Finn.

The first time in the second episode of the night with Liv and Aaron was in The Mill when were Liv is shocked at the state of the place with Aaron angry with Liv for not letting Chas or her mum, Sandra know where she was going. Liv asking about Robert was music to our ears we all want you to know and then you will understand - the fact that Liv is questioning Aaron. Aaron has obviously missed Liv and is clearly impressed that Liv lied her way back the village!
Aaron: (on the phone) 'Mum, I didn't have a clue, I was just heading out to come over there. Just let me speak to her and I'll call you back. I'm not gonna let her wrap me around her little finger. Mum, I'll see you later.'
Liv: 'That sounded like it went well. This place is amazing, by the way, if it wasn't completely hidden with all your mess.'
Aaron: 'Sorry, do you think this is a joke? You didn't tell anyone, Liv - My mum, your mum, they've been going out their minds.'
Liv: 'Right, well, I'm fine.'
Aaron: 'Anything could have happened to you.'
Liv: 'I'm not a kid, Aaron.'
Aaron: 'Do you know who says "I'm not a kid"? Kids. How did you even get on the boat? Did nobody ask who you were with?'
Liv: 'I might have lied a bit. Where's Robert?'
Aaron: 'Why? Think you'd get an easier ride with him? Cos you wouldn't.'
Liv: 'I thought you'd be pleased to see me. Got that wrong, didn't I?'
Aaron: 'All you had to do was tell someone. But no, you thought: I'll have everyone worried sick instead.'
Liv: 'If I'd have told someone, they would have tried stopping me coming home. And nothing was gonna stop me.'

The second time we saw them in the episode was when Liv was talking to Aaron and explaining about missing school and even Robert (if only you knew) Aaron wanting to know the truth from Liv and Liv wants to know the truth from Aaron about Robert. Just admit that you have missed each other and the fact Liv is asking all the questions we want the answers too as viewers! We love Liv, thank god you are back Isobel.
Liv: 'I actually wanted to go back to school. That's how bad it was. I even missed Robert.'               
Aaron: 'So why didn't you just tell them?'              
Liv: 'Well, mum's still not well. I couldn't just ask Chas to leave her to take me back home, could I?'
Aaron: 'No, there's something else. There's always something else with you.'               
Liv: 'No, there's not...'              
Aaron: 'That bag will get packed again unless you start talking to me. And trust me, there'll be other ferries tonight.'
Liv: 'You wouldn't.'                
Aaron: 'Then you better start being straight with me.'               
Liv: 'Right, so when are you gonna start being straight with me?'              
Aaron: 'What?'               
Liv: 'Seriously, did you think I'd not find out?'              
Aaron: 'I don't know what you're talking -'              
Liv: 'You and Robert is what I'm talking about. Did you just forget to tell me?'

In the kitchen of The Mill once again we saw Aaron and Liv still talking about everything that she has missed with Liv still questioning like any sister would if their sibling was being like Aaron is at the moment. That Liv and Aaron hug after the chat was just perfect and needed to help Aaron and realise he isn't alone.
Liv is the fandom (aha)
Liv: 'Right, so you think it's okay that Gabby found out before me? That I had to find out over skype?'
Aaron: 'No. I was gonna tell you when you came home. I wanted to do it to your face.'
Liv: 'You could have told me when you came to visit. All those private little chats with Chas?'
Aaron: 'I just needed to get a few things in my head straight first.'
Liv: 'But you still haven't told me why.'
Aaron: 'There were lots of reasons.'
Liv: 'Is that it? A lot of reasons?'
Aaron: 'Seriously, Liv, it is what it is. I'm over it, you know. It's probably the best thing I ever did.'
Liv: 'Aaron, this is me you're talking to.'
Aaron: 'So what do you want me to say? I'm never gonna get over it? Because honestly, I'm fine.'
Liv: 'Really? Because you know when people talk about having a breakdown? This is what I imagine it would look like.'
Aaron: 'I knew you'd overreact.'
Liv: 'Overreact?'
Aaron: 'Jump on a boat. We broke up. People do.'
Liv: 'Please stop pretending you're fine, because I know you're not. And you know what? You're not meant to be.'
Aaron: 'Liv.'
Liv: 'No, you loved him, and your heart's supposed to be broken because... that's how it works.'
Aaron: 'Yeah, all right, yeah, I took a hit. But seriously, I'm over the worst of it now. It's just a... a flesh wound.'

Isobel is such a talented actress and one Emmerdale is very lucky to have along with Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley is my opinion. Liv and Aaron are just sibling goals.

Liv saying Robert and Aaron were meant to be was the highlight of the episode for me!

I also have to add that Chris Gill's writing of the episodes tonight were just wonderful and what all us fans wanted to know the answers too. Thank you, Chris.

Friday's episode was written by Sarah Bagshaw and directed by Tim Finn.
Ahead of the episode tonight, I am excited for Liv and Aaron to talk about what's happened while she's been away with Robert. Liv giving Robert a piece of her mind will be interesting.

The first time in the episode tonight when we saw them was when Aaron was making Liv breakfast in The Mill with Liv still talking about the state of the place, then Aaron interrupts telling Liv that he's a meeting with her school and Liv is still asking after Robert - Aaron starts looking worried but he then tells Liv the truth and she's shocked.
Aaron: 'One piece of... charcoal or two?'               
Liv: 'None, thanks. God, the state of this place! Rob would have a fit.'              
Aaron: 'Well, Rob's not here, is he?'               
Liv: 'And you still haven't told me why.'              
Aaron: 'You're not dossing round here all day by the way. We've got a meeting with your head of year in half an hour.'
Liv: 'So you're not sending me back to Dublin, then.'               
Aaron: 'Do you want me to? No. You've got ten minutes to make yourself look like... a normal person.'
Liv: 'Look, I know you don't want to talk about it. I just don't get it. When I left, you and Robert were solid. What's so bad you can't work it out? I miss him, too. He was like my other brother. (Aaron pulls a face) I'm gonna find out soon enough. So just tell me.'               
Aaron: 'He's um... He's gonna be a dad. He slept with a woman and... he's having a baby. Well, she's having a baby, not him.'              
Liv: 'Who?'               
Aaron: 'Rebecca.'               
Liv: 'Seriously?'               
Aaron: 'So that's why we're over and done with. Are you going to school like that, or what?'

Second time in the episode we saw Aaron and Liv together when they were leaving David's shop with Liv saw Robert and Rebecca together and went over to give them a piece of her mind! Liv is the fandom (I said this last night but she is and the Queen for asking all the questions we as the viewers want answers too!) And the fact that Liv is sticking up for Aaron and supporting with Aaron always supporting Liv is just a great thing Sarah has done with her writing for this episode.
Round of applause for Liv for being the protective sibling to her brother!
Aaron: 'Mrs Griffith was pretty pleased to see you today.'
Liv: 'Now I've got a shedload of work to catch up on. Great!'
Aaron: 'Best get on with it, eh? And tonight is games night. I'll wipe the floor with you.'
Robert: 'Liv!'
Liv: 'Get lost! And you, you big slapper.'
Robert: 'She knows?'
Liv: 'Of course. Look at the state of her. I always wondered why you were so nice to me.'
Rebecca: 'Liv, it's not like that.'
Liv: 'Yeah, all right.'
Aaron: 'Liv, come on. Just leave it.'
Liv: 'I bet you thought it was Christmas when Aaron went to prison, didn't you? All you had to do was worm your way into his pants.'
Robert: 'That's enough, Liv.'               
Liv: 'And obviously she made sure she got pregnant straight away cos that's what slappers like her do.'
Rebecca: 'Look, I know this must have come as a bit of a shock -'
Liv: 'Who gets pregnant without wanting it? You've not heard of contraception?'
Aaron: 'Liv, I think they've got it.'
Liv: 'You only had to wait a couple of months for him and you couldn't even do that. Aaron needed you. He loved you. You were supposed to be there for him while I was away and you do this?'
Robert: 'I'm not gonna make any excuses.'
Liv: 'He deserved better than this. We both did.'
Robert: 'I know.' (Robert then walks off with Rebecca)
Liv: 'How can you stand it?'
Aaron: 'Because it is what it is, Liv. She's pregnant and he's got to live with that now. What he does it's his business.'

In the second half of the episode when both Rebecca and Robert are talking and Liv just walks up to them demanded to get answers - clearly on to Rebecca already. Liv starts talking to Robert leading to Rebecca driving off then leads to Robert sticking up for her. But with Liv and Robert continuing to talk, Robert reminding her of what he want through whilst Aaron was in prison with Robert leading to confessing he misses Aaron, Robert's angry with himself - Liv's shocked but he's reaction and how open he was then Robert walks away from Liv. I'm still convinced that the baby is Ross' - it's obvious at times that Rebecca is unsure and playing on Robert in the hope the baby is his!
Rebecca: (on the phone) 'Thank you but we don't really need an investor at the moment. Yeah, I'll be sure to let you know if anything changes. Okay, thank you, bye.'
Robert: 'Investor?'
Rebecca: 'Yeah, someone called Kath. Apparently, her company's keen to buy into the business. And I'm not sure I can take much more of this.' (gestures to Liv approaching)
Robert: 'I'll sort her.'
Liv: 'We were a family, you know. Me, Aaron and Robert. So why couldn't you have just left him alone?'
Rebecca: 'It's a bit more complicated than that. Look, I really am sorry things haven't worked out the way you wanted them to.'
Liv: 'You were at it with Ross, too. Sure it's not his?'
Rebecca: 'I'm sure. You know it takes two to make a baby? Whether you like it or not, I'm having our child. And I'm not gonna apologise for it for the rest of my life. Robert, I'm gonna head off.' (Rebecca then drives off)
Liv: 'Go on, then. Go after your girlfriend.'
Robert: 'We're not together like that. We never were.'
Liv: 'Yeah, sure.'
Robert: 'One night! That's all it took to ruin my life.'
Liv: 'And Aaron's. You said you loved him.'
Robert: 'I wasn't thinking straight. I wanted him to hurt as much as I did. What he was doing to me, to us.'
Liv: 'He was in prison! He was on drugs, Robert. He needed you.'
Robert: 'I let him down. I promised myself I was going to make it up to him. That he was never gonna find out about it. But then she told me she's pregnant and it changed everything.'
Liv: 'How could you do this to us, Rob?'
Robert: 'All I've ever wanted is Aaron. Me, you, him, we were happy. We were happy, the happiest I've ever been. And I've ruined it and I'm stuck in this mess. You know, I hate myself. I hate her and that baby!'

Copyright ITV

This was my favourite scene of the episode... Robert is by the river when Liv arrives to talk to him again with Robert explaining everything to her Liv just listens to him and takes it all in leading to Robert admitting to Liv that he still loves Aaron and will never stop with Liv looking on Robert leaves. Such a simple scene but one that spoke volumes between Liv and Robert.
Liv: 'You don't have to have anything to do with Rebecca if you hate her that much.'
Robert: 'There's more to it than that. I'm that kid's father.'
Liv: 'You can still be with Aaron and be a dad. I mean, people do it all the time.'
Robert: 'Aaron didn't want that. And I don't blame him. I'd do anything to take that night back. The night I spent with her. I mean, you can accuse me of betraying him, of letting him down. And you know what, you'd be right. But don't ever tell me that I don't love him. Because I've never stopped. I always will.'

The final scene of the night featuring Liv and Aaron was back The Mill where Liv was telling Aaron about her chat with Robert by the river where Robert admitted that he still loved him but Aaron quickly rejects the conversation leaving Liv annoyed!
Aaron: 'Where have you been?'
Liv: 'I told Rob what I thought of him.'
Aaron: 'What for?'
Liv: 'Aaron, he still loves you.'
Aaron: 'Either sit down and play or do one.'
Liv: 'He told me that -'
Aaron: 'Oh, whatever! I don't wanna hear it, he's got his life now. He's going to be a dad. I need to get on with mine.'

Special mention
Isobel and Danny are amazing and work so incredibly well together and the scenes tonight were just fabulous and worth the wait!!
This week's episode has shown as a little different side of Liv with how much she has grown up or is that Isobel herself? The character development with Liv has improved and I am loving it (or is it just me as we haven't seen her in a few months?!) But I know this for a fact Isobel just gets better with EVERY SINGLE episode that she is in.
ISOBEL STEELE deserves an award and one I know a lot of people believe she deserves!! This better happen soon.


Written by Kellie x


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